Some help with a Rendezvous restoration

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Hi there, P-netters...I am looking for some measurements off a kevlar Wenonah Rendezvous (mine is UL, but kevFlex will do) that has a Wenonah pedestal sliding seat installed at the factory : 1) From the bow, how many inches back to the front of the pedestal seat frame? Again from the bow, how many inches back to the stern thwart? I've learned some great theory on Rendezvous trim from Jerry Nyre and Colorado Canoe, now I need to put it into action. All help greatly appreciated!

Eric Nyre?

I take it that your would-be restoration
is going to need new gunwales and a pedestal re-installation. If no one comes forward with data from a similar Kevlar UL, can you deduce approximate figures from the hull? Isn’t there an indication in the layup of where the seat was mounted? Is there a hint from gunwale screw spacing in the hull of where those thwarts were hung?

93-94 to the 90-degree angle brace.

117-118 to the rear thwart.

The smaller number is with the tape measure pushed up under the bow plate.

Mine is a '97, Kevlar49.


My Renedezvous
Nope, the gunwales are OK (in need of stripping and oiling,) though the front deck is rotted and being replaced. Wenonah supplied me with a deck cut to approximate size. The boat originally had a hung seat, but I’m going with a pedestal.

My Rendezvous
Chip…this is exactly what I was looking for; great thanks!

within a 1/2 inch on a 91 tuffweave.

My Rendezvous
Thanks for the confirmation! With the unexpected deep freeze here in Wisconsin (and every place else from the look of the weather map,) what I assumed would be a few more weeks to do the work glassing in the pedestal will probably have to wait until spring. At least now I know where everything is going to go!