Some kayak fishing photos...

Here are some pics from my vacation down in Myrtle Beach… Did a good bit of fishing from my little Kaos and had a fantastic morning getting towed around today… :slight_smile:

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Awsome pictures
as always! I love when you head out on a trip, I always know there’s gonna be some nice photos to go along with the story.


Thanks! I’m looking forward to doing some extended river trips this fall…multi-day ones. I really enjoy both the ocean trips and the more leisurely flat water river trips. It’s amazing how therapeutic getting on the water can be isn’t it?

One thing is for certain though…I’m replacing that 14 lb. test line with my normal 35 lb. test line this week… I was trolling a squid behind the kayak one day and something huge grabbed it…zipped off about 100 yards of line in about 30 seconds and then promptly snapped the line at the leader. :frowning: I just wish I had seen what kind of fish (assuming it was a shark) it was…

Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts…even though it is hot…sure beats the winter and moping about waiting for spring! :slight_smile:



Looks like a great time. If you want
experience playing parent to a 4 year old boy, let me know. Have you tried a surf rod and yaking big baits out? The Texas middle coast comes in shallow and has several bars before reaching the beach. Some use small kayaks to take out the bait to one of the troughs between the bars, then sit back and wait for the strike.

I’ve been to that beach once, in the winter. The surf reminded me of Galveston, not much in the way of waves. Offers the opportunity to have a bit of fun beyond the breakers as we call it.

Your pics are great but lets hear more on the fishing.

4 yr old

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I will take him fishing as I do my grandkids (boy4,girl2)and the yorkie also.

He’s my grandson, great kid, but he
lives with and is raised by us 24/7. At 58, one needs a bit of relief. Thankfully, his daddy, our son, appears to have met a gal who wants him around a lot and is good with him. We’re going to try fishing as soon as the weather cools a bit.

The fishing wasn’t very good. I think the water is way too warm right now. My Dad and I went fishing off the Springmaid Pier down near the airport in Myrtle Beach and I did land a nice 16" flounder there. While I was in the kayak I only hauled in 1 weakfish, probably 10 small sharks (18 or 20 inchers), and one big shark.

I tried drifting and bumping some small squid pieces over the bottom hoping to snag another flounder…but nothing was taking it. When I got bored with that I hooked up a full bait squid to my line and set it out trolling behind me and started paddling. I went a few hundred yards and then something BIG took the bait. He ran out a good bit of line off the spool and then he bit through the steel leader…so I’m assuming it was a largish shark.

Last year I had a great time in July fishing from my kayak…the menhaden schools were working up the coast and I was casting a 3" plastic shad through the schools and was pulling in some nice bluefish. No sign of any of those schools this month… I’m hoping the fishing picks up in the early fall…