Some Lovely Photos per Nat Geo of Animals

Inspiring Image For a McNeil Falls Folly

I think we better portage, guide.
The rocks seem to be shiftin’!
Why, some I see are rearin’ up,
through their teeth salmons siftin’.

I see a line, a way through drop,
but a danger’s there to paws,
unlike them boys from Amity
bigger boat won’t stop these jaws,

Not Royalex, nor Aramid,
nor Tuff-Stuff is equipped,
to keep its coat and us afloat
through tides of mighty rip,

so currently I must bow out,
though this trip’s been lovely heaven.
“Com’awn,” boasts guide, urso with pride,
“it’s bearly class eleven!”

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Yeah, I sure see the line you’re thinking of and the problem posed - but where would that portage be? Think there might be a bear somewhere back in that brush? Bad place to surprise one…

Remembering L. Michigan shores from years ago, I never thought I’d ever see a photograph that made alewives look good. That’s artful. From that perspective they don’t even stink.