Some low life stole my canoe

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This has been posted on other canoeing forums in hopes of receovering my stolen canoe.

Last night somebody decided they would be a kind soul and STEAL my new to me canoe from my backyard.

It is a Clipper Scout Ultralight Kevlar with a clear finish. Thye are not sold in Ontario and this canoe should be fairly easy to spot.

If anybody sees a canoe fitting this description please contact me at

rob dot collette at primus dot see-eh

Thanks in advance.

PS, If this is posted in the wrong section please feel free to moderate me!

Start posting REWARD posters around town, near the lakes/rivers and in the local outdoor shops. Saying that there is a reward for your “missing” canoe may make the theives decide to return it with some story of finding it abandoned, or something. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money, and once they return it, if you suspect they were the original theif, turn them in.

That really sucks. I had two WW yaks
for sale and they cut the cable that was holding to the fence and took them both. I have always hoped that while they are using them the flip and do a couple of hard face plants against some rocks. I filed an insurance claim and got what I was asking for them. Have you called your insurance company.

I have called the insurance company and the claims process is ongoing right now. I still hold out hope of finding it.

They tried to steel new baby first nite!
When out in the morning to find straps untied, but I lock the better ones on with cables. Luckily that stopped them.

Other thing I do is let the boats get ugly. Prople seldom steal ugly things.



Buy and Sell
So I was thinking the dirtbag who took your canoe likely isn’t going to use it, but will try to sell it. I check the buy and sell in MB regularly, and will keep an eye open if it comes this way. Maybe others could do that in their regions. Here is the link to Ontario.

Also, if you have the HIN, give it to the police and no pawn shop will buy it.

Good luck

also check your local craiglist postings.

that low life pisses me off. How Can someone steal someone elses boat! who do they think they are? if I saw someone stealing a boat, he would not get away, because I would be SO MAD, I’d start screaming at him, and take the boat away from him.

See, and my wife laughs
at me because I bought a storage building big enough to store the kayaks in, and the paddles, and vests, and all the fishing gear…

I have worked in Law Enforcement for years and people will steal anything. I am sorry for your loss man, I hope you are able to recover your boat. We also personalize ours to make them easier to spot. Rigging, anchor cleats, a name painted on the side, even discretely, makes them less likely to be taken.

Good luck.


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