some of the best advice I ever heard...

Guess we better
kiss and make up before this gets ugly.


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Slap me …

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I promise you wouldn't like the result...better check my military background first.

It's time for you to grow up and quit acting childish. Learn to solve your own problems and quit whining about things that don't go your way.

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What a waste of bytes
I learned this morning I have several ribs that are either broken or cracked. I’m laid up for 6 weeks, minimum. Forgive me if I’m not amused. :frowning:

Good luck getting well and back in a boat!- Toddy

Thanks, that cheers me up a bit. Really!

At least I should be ready for the prime, early-Fall boating season here in coastal Carolina. :slight_smile:

You’ll be on the mend
in time for fall colors and cool paddling weather.

Take care of yourself.

Probably won’t take 6 weeks
Not sure I have any ribs left. Mine are mostly repaired calcium deposits.

Just don’t over due it when you start up.

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I’m really greatful for the kind and encouraging comments. For me, 2006 was the Year of the Shoulder, 2007 was the Year of the Knee. I guess 2008 will be the Year of the Ribs. But anyway, you got me out of my funk. This too shall pass. :slight_smile:

I was struck by the words of a sports columnist (Mike Wise) this morning in the Washington Post. “Say Hey!” Willie Mays was trying to make a comeback with the ghastly New York Mets at the ancient (?) age of 41. According to Wise: “The Say Hey Kid said, ‘Growing old is just a helpless hurt.’” Amen.

my rule of life:
don’t leave the keys in the car!

WHAT is this???
don’t know about this flame war but nobody that I know of “presumed” to tell you to just go paddle. I simply mentioned that it was some of the best advice I ever heard.

There is nothing in that comment either from a technical perspective as in a manual or otherwise that insists that you follow that advice whoever you are or who you want to be known as now. :slight_smile:

Perhaps I should delete this thread as I had no idea I had presumed to tell anyone how to do anything? Or should I just chalk this one off to another thread that got hijacked because someone saw an opportunity to throw their 1.5 cents into a discussion that barely applies. Kinda a square peg in a round hole don’t you think?

And have I just been bunched in with the miscreants and reprobates with overused keyboards? I wonder. I do paddle every day and it is a minimum of four miles for exercise and to get my head ready for the day. On weekends it is creeping up to over 10 miles on at least one of those days just for the plain fun of it.

So instead of being accused of just using a keyboard, I guess I should follow the best advice I ever heard and “just go paddle”

And yes everyone is invited.


Growing old is inevitable
Growing up however is optional—btw how did you break your ribs?

Well at least we know who Old User is

And the only real queston that remains
si whether the overused keyboard crack was self directed or not…

I wonder when the last time some people went paddling.

Maybe I should start a thread?


The answer to the first part of that
question is…Who gives a shit?

the definition of katabatic is:
(For those like me who can’t stand not knowing)

A meteorological term applied to winds which blow downhill due to cold air being pulled by gravity from high ground to low ground. Examples of katabatic winds are found in Greenland and Antarctica.

Etymologically derived from the German katabeinen meaning to descend.

CWDH constantly confounds me, it comforts me when I can clear his conundrums.


Growing up - optional?
“Growing up” is apparently optional in our time. I regularly encounter “adolescents” in their 40s and 50s. Growing old, however, is not optional.

I have bad joints, especially my knees and right shoulder. Arthritis – plus cartilage is breaking down and wearing out. I leaned down for something last Sunday, my left knee buckled, and I dropped like a rock against the corner of a heavy end table. I was hoping for just a bruise, but X-rays on Thursday showed otherwise.

Go for it.

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I went today but I went yesterday also and I'm going again tomorrow.

I keyboard when I ain't paddlin' and I'll bet some wish I paddled more often.

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in answer to your question
about4 hours ago—had a great paddle from Manset–in Southwest Harbor to Crow off Big Cranberry to Baker off Little Cranberry and back to Mansett—we had to pick our way through a flotilla of IC sailboats on the way back though—they were having a race

hope you feel better soon