some of the best advice I ever heard...

Just go paddle!


That’s it

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but...but...but what about the rude power boaters, and the lightning, and the sun and being sore and having the wrong boat and the outfitter who wouldn't help me and.......

Paddlin' on

just ignore all that crap
and paddle

That the who and the what
Just need a when and where.

If you need a why, sell your boat and go do something else.


Some of the best advice

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I've ever heard...why worry, whine and start a flaming thread about what other people post on the -free- world internet. Why not skip past the subjects and posts that do not interest you and get your thong in a knot and go effin paddle. Of course, that's just my opinion and I'm not in the click so what do I know.


Right on Paul !
We are out of here in a little bit.

Going to check out some new places (islands in boston Harbor).

If any one argues with your sage advice, they don’t belong on this forum.

I can only possibly add to yours with: carpe diem !



Need clarification
Is that with a rudder or a skeg?

I think it’s more like
Shut up and paddle…

I’m not sure here…
Is that just go paddle with a Euro or GP? What feather angle on the Euro?

Hey, Paddle Pirate (rant warning)
You can be in MY clique! :slight_smile:

Your point is exactly right. When some of these guys don’t like your post, they’ll harangue you about it (instead of just ignoring, like most of us would do) and insist that YOU “shut up and paddle”. But why aren’t they taking their own sage advice? Some of them spend a helluva lot more time here than I do, for example, yet they presume to tell ME to “just go paddle”. No, instead it’s perfectly fine for them to whine, complain, express their opinions, and we’re all supposed to sit here and anxiously await the next glistening pearls of wisdom emanating from their overused keyboards.

Recently, it was suggested to me in e-mail that I should learn to laugh at myself. I found that outrageously presumptuous. This, from a person who doesn’t know me at all (except on this board), knows nothing about my life or my real-life personality.

It’s annoying as hell. Having said that, sometimes I just have to do a reality check. This IS just a message board. These ARE people I don’t know and likely never will. So why should I really care what they think? I really don’t.

PP, if you ever travel to the SW Ohio area, look me up. I’d paddle with you any day.


Some of my favorites…
“Paddle like you stole it”

“Paddle faster…I hear banjos”

“K.I.S.S.” (Keep it simple, stupid)

We always tell folks,
Paddle careful and have fun!

Thanks for being the voice of reason. :slight_smile:

That’s nice…

Quit talkin’ about me
I’ve decided to give you an Indian name. How’s “Broken Record” sound. You should go into politics. You whine and then deny whining.

One of these days we’ll probably paddle together. There won’t be any glistening pearls of wisdom emanating from my mouth and hopefully you won’t be on one of your 28 day cycle ranting rampages.

It will be “Shut up and Paddle” time and I’m bringing duct tape.

PS, your above post is whiney. Just say what you have to say and move on but if you don’t really care about us then why post. You have a bad attitude. We care about each other and travel hundreds of miles to put faces to names and like family we don’t always agree but we’re still family.

Paddlin’ on


Was it Thoreau…
who said something like:

Everyone must believe in something. I believe I’ll go for a paddle.

No that’s Chuck and his Japanese
Twangy Thing.

Some of the best advice I ever heard…

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Some of the best damn advice I ever, ever heard
was not given to me by the late Admiral Byrd,
who said, "If you can't take the heat than get yourself out of that kitchen!
Come sit at the pole. It freezes all bitchin'."

But boy, was he wrong! I asure you of that!
My heated retorts calved bergs echoing those the many folks there spat!
And my words froze like snowflakes suspended with all others in their air,
so avoiding glaring buildup into blindness I unfroze my derriere

To rise from the seat where confused katabatics put all down,
and pushing off from this ice pack I left behind frozen ground,
and I grinned in a silence save for laughing waters of new dawn,
heeding eastern sage of the Sunbelt who advises to simply, "Paddle on."


No, the problem here is

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you can dish it out pretty good, Richard, but when it comes to taking it as well as you give... well, not so much.

And then YOU whine about what you perceive to be others who whine, and about every other little thing that doesn't suit you. But somehow, when it comes from you, it's not whining.

It's an interesting world you live in.

paddling together
"One of these days we’ll probably paddle together."

I’m thinking no. Frankly, my “bad attitude” and I are sick of people who can slice-n-dice on message boards but then act all sweetness and light in person. Yeah, because they know they’d get a slap in the face (or worse) if they said some of those things in person. But they feel free to abuse others (especially women) unmercifully on message boards where their sorry butts are safe from getting kicked around. Real tough guys, you are. We’re all so impressed.

At least I am who I am, consistently, and I’m not cowardly about it, nor approval-seeking. Like me or don’t. In reality, I’m a very nice person (and a lot of fun, according to many) who doesn’t like taking crap from bullying egomaniacs, or seeing others have to endure that treatment. If you don’t like it, how about YOU stop talking to ME?

I should be so lucky…