Some Quetico/Fishing Pics

A group of us went to Quetico in early May, 5 of us for the first time. Harry and Ron, and Harry’s son Mike had been there a few times before.

We put in at Nim Lake and did an 8 day circuit. We had some really cold weather, but not all that bad. No bugs!! The fishing was great, although a little early for walleye. Couldn’t keep the pike off the lines, lots of lake trout.>

Coming from Ct, the ride around Lake Superior was great. I also spent a few days exploring north of Quetico, saw wolf-moose-bears on some remote logging roads.

Quetico is a great place, well worth the long ride from the east.

looks great! sounds like the trip was a good one. jon

Great photos
and beautiful lakers. Quetico is a special place for me, too. Just got back Tuesday from a 9-day trip. My first trip was 27 years ago, with only a few years missed, and I still have am awstruck by its beauty every time I go and carry a bit in my heart when I leave. Hope I can continue going for many more years.

Thanks for sharing your pictures.

You are Lucky…
PuffinGin to live so close and to have tripped so many times in such a great place.

I was a little put off by the long ride, but the beauty of Quetico more than made up for it. I was tired at the take out, and the thought of the long ride back east weighed heavy on my mind, but after a few days home I was reminiscing the great paddlin I was able to experience in Quetico.

I have a free week in August, but it’s just a little too far for a week, I’m planning on Quebec, which is pretty nice in it’s own right. Happy Paddlin, Robin

Nice photos
That looks like it was an awesome trip. Thanks for sharing. Gives me the urge to get a canoe again!

I’m Jealous
Been going up there for 20 years this year and have caught some nice northerns, but none that big. Nice pics, enjoyed them. WW