Somes Sound, Maine

I’m looking for a put-in at the north end of the sound, near Somesville. Does anyone know if the passage between Somes pond and the sound is navigable?

Just Curious

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Is there any particular reason you want at the north end? I'm paddled Somes a couple of times, but I've never really payed much attention to put-ins other than the one I use over on the east shore. (Pic-nic area with plenty of off-road parking.) Also, I'm not sure if you are from that area or not, but if not, be warned that there can be a fairly large tidal range there, so what may look like a good put-in at high-tide can leave you a big surprise when you return to take out!

launch area
There is a launch area in Sommesville-- right on the sound itself—I’ve paddled to there from Seal and Northeast Harbors up the sound—make sure you time it with the tides