Something has to give. Spyder cracks at pedals

Noticed spyder cracks forming by the pedals from leg drives. :scream:

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Top of picture over bolt head. Hasn’t happened on any of my kevlar hulls.

OK…is there a question or did you just want to tell us that your boat is cracked? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Given the position of the rail mounting screw, it seems unlikely that the spider cracks were caused by the foot pegs, unless they’re hitting the hull on the inside. That looks like an impact crack.

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Both sides same spot. Lower front corner of Sea-lect pedals assembly. Probably just put some 1/8" ABS plastic sheet 3" diameter at that point. Not going to bother with glass stiffener. Hard to reach in that far.

Just sharing my agony! :sob:

Might need to skip a couple of leg days. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Screw on bottom picture was pressing on the hull. Fixed YIPPIE :blush::grin:

To reach in stick nut in box with paper towel piece.

Heated ABS with gun bent on flower pot.

Now fix outside to come soon.

Launch time :grin:


Well, at least you know why it happened. Poor design.

It has the Sea-lect drop plate to lower pedals from original Yakima sliding pedals. Or a copy of the plate on this hull. Flat head bolts or panhead would be better choice. No problem on the other kevlar hulls. Replaced all my other sliding pedals in other 6 CD hulls.

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A big fender washer on either side of the hull helps a lot too.

I am still a fan of tiller steering and have that in every ruddered boat I have, except the surfskis.

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Bolt head was hitting inside the hull. Not bolted through or anything. The bolt holds Sea-lect pedals assembly to a 1/8" abs plate to lower them. Hulls that have Yakima sliders the mounting bolts were higher. Two boats I closed the holes and glassed in two studs lower. They were getting painted no gel coat to match

Yes, just lazy engineering to use a round-head bolt.

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I added the bolts. Never a problem on my Kevlar CD hulls or my glass Libra XT tandem.

Oops. Terrific idea to see how regular bolts work before going to harder-to-find pan head. :slight_smile:

No oops not a problem on 6 other CD hulls I have only this one. You know a pan head would definitely not do it how? Tell me the bolt pictured would be found in a hardware store or big box store ?

No, I just meant you might not find a pan head SS screw in a Lowes or Home Depot. And the “oops” was directed at me. I thought I was harmlessly criticizing some nameless engineer for choosing that screw. I typically stick to the “same something positive or say nothing at all” rule with a fellow member of a forum.