Something like a Spitfire

I’ve owned eight sea kayaks over the past 20 years but have never even tried paddling a double-paddle canoe. I think a Placid Boats Spitfire [or Rapidfire]might be a fun adjunct to sea kayaks but these particular boats are just a bit on the pricey end and I’m wondering if there are similar boats with more modest price tags. If I really connect with this sort of paddling I can upgrade to a PB boat later. BTW, Iam 5’11" and weigh 165# Thanks,Jake

perhaps a
Wenonah Vagabond in TuffWeave?

Pack Canoes

– Last Updated: Aug-29-11 6:44 AM EST –

I've a traditional and pack solo canoe spec sheet that may be useful if you are interested; e-mail for the electronic file.

It will indicate that WeNoNah's Vag is a little too deep, 13", wide, 30" and especially wide at rails, 30" to do well as a pack canoe, not to mention the additional cost of acquiring and installing a lower seat.

Performance pack canoes run 27.5 29" max width, 11" +/- deep and 24-26" wide at the rails. Minimal rail width is the key to the efficiency of a vertical paddlestroke. The Vag's depth and rail width require a higher seat and a longer paddle. It's best layup 30# is past maximum for a pack canoe, the more functional running 12-20 depending on orientation: 12 for a kinda fragile carry it uphill for miles, 20 for running rivers as well as ponds.

Forceing a Vag, or any other general purpose solo into pack canoe use would be like driving a pickup truck to evaluate whether you'd like to drive a Maserati.