Something odd

I have a subscription to XM satellit radio. When I’m car topping my new Bell Magic in Black Gold layup, the reception frequently is lost. Any idea as to whether the boat is interfering with the reception?



It’s that old black magic…
Seriously, the simple solution is to give the Magic to me or trade it for my Lotus BJX in pure kevlar. That black gold is bad for satellite radio reception and straight kevlar enhances it. I read that in Slopular Science magazine recently, I forget which issue.

We use carbon in some RF shielding applications.

Wouldn’t surprise me if a big old carbon fiber hat between the satelite and your antenna had some effect.


Two boats up?
Or just one? The signal from the satellite is pretty weak, on the level of that from a GPS satellite. GPS reception is influenced by leaf cover in the forest canopy, so having a couple of boats up top will probably do the same.


gear creep
Wow Doc, now you need a trailer!

Kevlar & satellite reception
Have travelled better than 50,000 miles with canoes on top of the VUE above the Serius antenna with no problems, neither kevlar or fiberglass had an effect on reception.

Carbon is conductive and if grounded to the rack and vehicle thru good contact could make a shield.

I’ve built some radio-controlled aircraft with carbon fiber fuselage components. It can defintely interfere with radio reception.


Unintended consequences
Every time I post something regarding my black gold magic, some altruistic soul always volunteers to take it off my hands.

I may try moving the boat to the other side of the roof and see if it makes a difference. I’m not sure which of the two devices up there is the XM satellite antenna. I never had a problem with my royalex freedom solo up there. It happens whether I have one boat or two on the roof.