Sometimes you come across someone doing it right

We were coming back to the launch site on the local lake this evening from our club Monday night paddle when we saw someone in the water by a red & white shorter kayak. My first thought was “I hope that is planned”. As we got closer I could see the the man in the water had paddle float on his paddle and was wearing a PFD. Turns out he had recently purchased a Hurricane Santee and had heard about or had seen information about doing a self rescue using a paddle float. Impressively he succeeded even with the high back deck. Technique needed work but hey, anytime you can get back in & seated is a success. We chatted a bit, talked about the club and some upcoming paddles & the Meetup connection. Made a couple of suggestions on making a bit easier to get back in the cockpit & seated. I think that it was Joe that suggested that I do a demonstration. I did tell him that I was cheating with the low back deck on the Delphin as it is almost too easy to get up on that for a scramble re-entry. After that, he headed out to play some more. I headed for the landing to load out as I had skipped dinner to paddle & I was getting hungry.

I’m hoping to see this gentleman out on some of our local paddles.


Good story. Count every blessing!

Can’t tell you the last time I saw someone practicing rescues - over a year ago at least (except for those who “play” with me or take a lesson.) And almost never hear about practice from the folks I occasionally paddle with, and many of those are past students.

Maybe I am one of the few but I view safety as extremely important. When I get my newest kayak the first thing I am going to do is take it to the neighbors pond (small, shallow, no moving water) and test out the limits of the yak while also attempting flipping it and re-entering the boat. I feel practicing getting back into your yak is extremely important and I view it the same as they say for motorcycle crashes; Its not IF you will crash, its WHEN will crash, or in this case roll. Although I never plan on flipping (on accident) I want to be prepared when I do.

Also, although I feel comfortable in kayaks and canoes,I also plan on taking classes as soon as I can (which is TBD because of covid) since I hope to be doing it a lot more than I usually do