Sometimes you need to stop and smell the flowers

Great photo!

Save that photo; one day it will be a memorable photo to remember
your inquisitive, paddling buddy.


Love that pooch!

Sweet Paris. So blasé about the whale and so inquisitive about what may look like a ball to her.

Love it!

Lilly dippin’
has gone to the dogs!
Or is that Lilly lippin’?
Paris puckers for her frogs,

In hopes that soon a prince
shall come forth from her bud,
A bow from bow to wow
a spell spent floating pad 'bove mud.


This is why I like older dogs more than puppies. They have gotten to be a person, rather than a kid where in a moment like this you would be concerned about their hopping out and chasing a critter thru the weeds.
Great shot.

That’s not a dog, it’s a monkey in a dog suit.

SUPER pic.!!

@Chuck von Yamashita said:

I normally much rather paddle alone. But, it hard to dispute your choice in a paddling partner. :slight_smile:


I always do a gator watch around those things…

Not a lot of gators in Alaska.

Picture could have been Florida. We got same or similar plants.

I wuv Paris