Sometimes, Your Number Is Up... Period

You just can’t contingent plan for everything. Enjoy life. When your number is up. So be it.


Wow!! I have never seen that foam get a quarter that intense!!

Several years ago my family made a trip to Scotland and Denmark, our plan was to surf some spots but the weather did not cooperate. I had seen sea foam before, but Melvich beach in Scotland was amazing the foam was two and three feet thick blowing accross the water and covering the beaches. Certainly didn’t look like something you would want to try and swim through. We saw a similar event near Hvide Sande Denmark, on that beach supposedly about 1500 people died during the Napoleonic wars when their ships ran into a massive wind storm there. I suspect they probably experienced somthing similar.

Who’d a thunk it? Sh*t happens–But “man-sized foam” happens?
Definitely on the bottom of my list of things that could occur in surf. Have to wonder if there was something like a savage undertow beneath it all. Freaky.

So horribly sad.