When your own boats are 3000 miles away, any boat will do. Cam River, Cambridge, UK

Nice tree, too.

Well done. That boat has probably never moved so gracefully at any other time during its life in the rental fleet.

That looks like late summer/early fall, not just from the tree leaves but the thick, well-grown vegetation and the more somber tones of the vegetation overall.

It’s the bloke at the helm that counts, Mate :wink:

They should pay you to paddle that ugly boat.
I know… if ya can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say anything at all.
But it’s just so ugly!

One of my other boats, same color as the rental!

Now that’s a beautiful boat.

My first, Maid Maicelph.

My Sawyer Summersong that I restored.

Beautiful. I need to get someone to build me a Maid Maicelf.

@Andy_Szymczak said:
When your own boats are 3000 miles away, any boat will do. Cam River, Cambridge, UK

I have been surprised twice by two different guys, each named John, on separate occasions that paddled a 10 foot kayak and kept up or passed the long seakayaks doing 3.5 to 4.5 mph.

Looks like you’re having a nice time there in England. Some of the locals in the canoe club I paddled with in Yorkshire last month use shorter rec style kayaks like you have there , but most used whitewater playboats and solo pack canoes, all of which were well-suited for their narrow, shallow and winding canals and rivers. We had to negotiate lots of snags from those overhanging stream-side willows that are common along the banks…

The club did have some longer boats that I apparently could have borrowed for paddling (I had brought a 12’ folder) – there are a lot of local paddler clubs in the UK that have loaner gear, apparently. I got very fast and generous responses from the group that I ended up paddling with when I posted a notice announcing my visit to the region on the “Song of the Paddle” forum that a lot of UK boaters connect through. I highly recommend it to anyone heading to Britain who wants to paddle while there.

That was two years ago, in the fall. Cam river is twisty, a long boat here wouldn’t be much fun. We followed up the paddle with a pub crawl, my son in law was with me. Be back in the UK and a couple of other countries next spring.