sore feet!

Anybody have suggestions on how to heal tendonitis in my foot? Guess I’ve been pressing too hard on the foot rests. Right now I’m on the DL using ice, aspirin. Any exercises? I’m in a Swifty 9.5 and have the basic sliding foot braces.

Suggest Aleve or ibuprofen rather
than aspirin, and don’t overdo it. NSAIDs relieve pain and inflammation, but the inflammatory process is an inherent part of healing.

Also, which tendon seems to be the problem?

Sometimes I’ll take my water shoes off
half way through a days paddle and go barefoot, for a change on the tootsies.

Try it, It just might work.

The other thing you can try is to use the thigh braces more, (if you are big enough to do it in your Swifty), and put less pressure on the foot pegs.

Jack L

Achilles Tendon or Under Foot?
One of my boats is a Perception Swifty, so I understand the foot pegs, etc. What I don’t know is exactly where the tendonitis is. I have plantars fasciitis, which is basically an inflamation of the protective sheath around the tendon that runs under your foot from the heel to the toes. In my case, it gets aggravated if I’m wearing shoes without arch support (neoprene booties, for example) and is less of a problem if I am wearing something like Chaco sandals. So, if that’s where the problem is, consider what footwear you are using.

If you are paddling correctly you will be pushing with alternate feet on the foot supports. That gives your other foot time to briefly recover. Exaggerate this by pushing with the paddle-side foot while relaxing and pulling back with the other foot. Be sure to really rotate your torso, not just your shoulders. It will make a big difference.

I can feel your pain. I started using
this rubberized tape. I broke my foot over and over again doing flips in the pool and it hurt all the time, expecially after paddling. I’ve only tried the tape a few times but it works every time I’ve tried it. Don’t pull it tight, just let it lay there, it will stick and remove it when you can because it tightens and really hurts

Over and over again?
How many times did you break the foot?

Doc, it hurts when I
Hey this is just a thought but if your feet hurt because you are pushing on the foot pegs too hard, I would suggest removing them.

IS there a preferred method? Is it reversible? And I imagine -at least at first -it’d make it a tad tough -doable, but still difficult -to


-Frank in Miami

You make me feel better!
Think I’ll keep my feet for now . Thanks for all the suggestions. As a newbie, I expected back strain but never foot strain. Sounds like best thing is to just be aware and keep moving feet so I don’t lock them in position. (Pain’s on outside of L foot closer to toes than ankle. Realized I’ve been keeping my foot angled rather than straight so that’s added to strain.) Will move braces further away, maybe add noodle padding for heel even tho’ I wear shoes. Saw that some add noodle to seat edge to relieve pressure. May try that too.