Sore Tailbone

I was wondering if anyone out there has any suggestions. I have an Ocean Trident Kayak and after sitting in it about an hour my tailboe gets real sore. I have tried about everything even the swoosh cushions. I was wondering if anyone has seen a horseshoe shaped blow up cushion out there, or maybe a waterproof wedge with a v cut out of the back, just something that my tailbone won’t touch. Thanks in advance for the help. I love my kayak and spend all day in it fishing, but I hurt 3 days later.

Don’t know about your boat, but I
would be considering removing or depressing the part of the seat that contacts your tailbone. If the seat is moulded plastic, the offending area could be cut out and the edges depressed a bit by heating.

Many of the seat designers forget that we are descended from monkeys, so they fail to design seats to accomodate our tail stumps.

You’re on the right track
For tailbone relief you need some sort of cushion that will elevate your thighs and rear end, while leaving a space under the tailbone. Cheap solution: I use a 3/8" closed-cell foam camping pad from Walmart, one or two layers, cut it to the shape of the seat, and cut out a half circle for the tailbone. I tape it to the seat with two-sided tape. Velcro works too.

Many seats/seat pans are designed to be scooped lower in the center, which increases pressure on the tailbone. You want to do the opposite.

I don’t know about SOTs but I bet you can figure out a way to add a pad for relief. In a sit-in kayak added padding changes your center of gravity noticeably, so it can’t be too high.

Hold a minor pelvic tuck. Feels great
on the lower back, too.

foam pads,
one on each side of the tailbone, glued or velcro’d to the seat. It only takes a 4" square or so. Leave space between them for side-to-side tailbone movement as the torso rotates. I’ve done this on several boats, very comfy.

Proper posture paddling
Paddling involves leaning forward, not backward.

Just sitting around is another story.

A small tire inner tube
The kind that goes in a lawn mower tire about 14 inches outside diameter. Only inflate it partially so it is almost flat. They are surprisingly comfortable and less than $10.

Had the same problem
First try and vary the angle of the backrest to see that changes the problem. My seat can be adjusted on the fly.

If you find yourself slouching alot perhaps the peddles have to be moved up so your legs push your back into the seat. I guess your pedals could be too tight…see if changing the position helps.

Finally the skwoosh cushion can really help (I wonder if I still need it after steps 1 and 2?). Be sure it is tied in tightly so it cannot move with butt friction.

At all costs avoid the cushion that is full of microscopic styrofoam balls. They cant be too good for the environment and I wonder what happens if you breath any in.

Agree with willih20 on seating posture.
Our kayaks are not recliners, such as we have in our homes.

When one slouches, your tailbone will curve under you. By sitting erect, it generally doesn’t. Plus you can get more power out of your distance.

Good luck