Sort of Noobie needs tandem kayak advice

OK, I have been out of ocean kayaking for a while (we moved from FL to TN 8 years ago, but we are now back in the Tampa area).

We wanted to get back into light ocean kayaking, with the majority of our trips being coast-hugging, inland waterways, canals, and rivers/lakes. So a sit-on-top seems to be the way to go for us.

Is there a good quality sit-on-top tandem kayak that can also function as a single (for when I want to go alone/solo) - I thought I had seen a few that were designed so that two people could sit in them, or you could reconfigure it so that one person could sit in the middle.

Any help, web links, etc. would be appreciated - thanks!

Check out the Hobie Oddysey
This the model meant to be paddled not peddled. It’s a great 14’ tandem. My first SOT. Moved on to many other boats since then but it sounds right for what you want to do.

Also look on

too much of a compromise?
I haven’t paddled any like that for a while now so I can’t speak for any newer models.

Generally speaking, I have found that for a boat to be that adjustable is too much of a compromise. To be able to paddle solo or double they seem to give up the ability to do either one well. Two paddlers sit too close together or the boat is too unweildy (sp?) for a solo boater.

Just my opinion since you asked. But try to keep it in mind while your test paddling so you don’t end up with a boat thats not comfortable and will then spend its life in the garage.