SOT advice

Did OK bring back the Scupper Pro TW? I heard they were going to but their website doesn’t show it?

Did Hurricane cancel their Pheonix 160 I don’t see it on the website under boat models, but their Cat 5 isn’t their either.

Get One While You Can…
I think they bought it back last year and then decided to discontinue again…

Of course, you can always get the RTM Tempo (SP mould basically). But I think the TW in the Scupper Pro actually works better for the fishing milk crate user than the tempo’s more rounded out tankwell which doesn’t accommodate a crate.


it was brought back
but I heard the mold cracked or was damaged somehow.

The Hurricane Phoenix 160 is no longer available in the US. I know that for a fact from working with Hurricane in the past. Despite being a fantastic fishing kayak, probably one of the best, it didn’t sell well in the US. They are still shipping them overseas where they sell like hotcakes though. Last I heard was that if a dealer wanted to order 12 or more they would consider a special batch for them.