SOT - Bic Scapa?

good enough for me :slight_smile:

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How much are they asking for the Scapa in the store near you? BrainTrust says they're $699 near him.

Do they look better "in person" than they do on the website?

don’t remember the cost
I think it was something around 900$ canadian but i could be way off. In person they’re just as weird looking as in the pictures. the shorter ones made me go " what the… is this supposed to be??" but i always thought the Scapa was cool in a weird funky way and it’s potential usefulness would overcome it’s ugliness. kind of like the Honda Element.

I found a web site in RI
where they advertised $599.00 I wonder if it would be good for open water. I would like to use a SOT for big lakes that get choppy because it would be easier to get back on if I fall off.

I have paddled it!
The local guiding service has BICs and I paddled this one, which belongs to the owner Tuan. It handled fine, very stable, pretty fast. I was doing my nature guide thing on quiet stretch of the Farmington River in CT.

If you wanted to try something like this and you live near Hartford, CT, contact Tuan through & please mention my name, he’s a sweetie.


Have you ever paddled a Scupper Pro? If so, how does the Scapa compare? They have roughly the same dimensions but that doesn’t always mean anything…



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The specs are similar to the Scupper but they are different boats. The center of gravity seemed higher in the Scapa than the Scupper Pro. The Scapa was pretty quick and at ease on calm water. It was a bit twitchy with regards to stability. I think that the boat would work better for a smaller paddler (I weigh 210, kinda stocky). I did not enjoy paddling it in larger water with waves coming from the side, it did not handle them well. I had mine for about a year.

I paddled the Scupper (2 hatch version) and thought it was very,very decent in flat water and oncoming waves, but downright sucked ass in following/confused/beam waves which made it weathercock way more than i like,though should be a decent boat with a good(newer style) rudder(as opposed to the old POS the boat i paddled had).

I think the necky Dolphin is the best rough-water handling SOT i’ve paddled, but, its very slow even for a 14 footer. i don’t think it was considerably faster than the 11 ft scrambler i had.

I had an Islander Ventura SOT
14’10" long, about 28 wide, and it was fairly slow but otherwise a great boat for me. Shouldn’t have sold it. (That’s okay, I can use my husband’s, we both had one.) It handles every kind of water… rough, confused, following, minor rapids, whatever. Never felt unstable in that boat. It has a good rudder which I use in windy conditions so I never have to worry about weathercocking. Speed isn’t everything.