SOT - Bic Scapa?

I started a new subject since I thought it would get the attention of anyone who knows about this brand. Looks weird but I like the dimensions of it and some weird looking boats turn out to be pretty good so you never know. Price isn’t bad, $699. Anybody paddled this? What did you think?


Bic scarpa
I have paddled this boat, it is stable and prety fast for a 14 foot plastic boat.

I would say it is faster then my brothers scupper pro.


more opinions
the place with all sorts of sot info and a forum:

just trying to keep this thread alive…
There must be some other people who have paddled this SOT… I checked (nothing) and no reviews on this site unless I really missed something.

The Scapa has dimensions that are similar to the Scupper Pro which I have heard good things about so I was very curious. Frogy says it’s faster which is good to know. I’d just like to hear some other points of view. Thanks,



For more info on Bics, and other ‘new-gen’ SOTs, check out Cap’n Jimbo’s Forum in Paradise, the Fort Lauderdale Yakfishing Club’s site:

There’ you’ll find a number of subsections. Go to the "Capn Jimbo’s Forum in the Paradise/Fugedaboudit!/Revuz area:

And you see a lot about a variety of new/unusual/offshore SOT models. See especually the “superyaks” thread.

It’s a good place to see a lot about many SOTs that aren’t mainstream here in the US, and many are actually SINK-like in their ability to safely handle tough conditions AND go just as fasty as SINKs as you


-Frank in Miami

thanks scupper frank
I will check it out.

Tom At TopKayakers Has Plans to Review
Tom Holtley at TopKayaker plans to review it, but Bic hasn’t provided him one yet. He did review a couple of the smaller models.

To be really honest, the specs look promising, but the styling put me off.

Yes, that is pretty shallow…

I’ve been reading this thread
with interest, as I have been in search of “the perfect SOT” for some time.

Barracuda, great minds think alike! The styling does leave something to be desired. On the other hand, I have paddled a few boats that I thought looked really ugly to begin with, but after paddling them I liked them a lot. When a boat fits well, is comfortable, and handles like a dream, you just can’t help but like it even if it’s stone ugly. :slight_smile: (The Prijon Yukon Expedition is a case in point. I’d imagine the Prijon Combi is likewise.)

I hope to get a chance to demo one this summer.

There is supposed to be a light weight version. I would like to see one. I went to REI but they only ordered them. None to look at.

True That!
I can’t imagine a boat any uglier that my Frenzy, but I have had most of my best adventures in that little tub…

I Checked On the Light weight Version
I checked with the factory rep last summer. The light weight version was due in the USA last fall.

But it may not be as light as they claimed last summer based only on the prototype.

here’s a pic of the hull

Interesting looking. Looks like it might track ok without a rudder. ???

Hull shape Reminds Me Of A Frenzy

Looks kinda like a …
pen. :slight_smile:

Write on!

Write On?! Funny.
My Brother-in-laws desktop publishing company is called “The Write Stuff”… Funny play on words from you both.

I kinda liked the looks of this boat. Something strange and different. Like me perhaps? (grin). Looks like it might have a turn of speed too.

Me too. I would like to paddle one.

i’d like to try one too
I think it would make a very good workout boat. Don’t know how it would be for rough water, because the Bic so called hull design innovation is still basically a flat bottom as far as stability is concerned so it would probably get bounced side to side by waves way more than a rounded hull of something like a necky dolphin. The Bic plastic is a lot more rigid than normal roto poly. i kinda wonder if it would crack if hit hard enough.

You say the Bic plastic is more rigid than the typical poly boat… how do you know that? I’m not challenging the accuracy of your statement since I know virtually nothing about them but I just wondered where you got that information.



because i poked it
i poked at it with my finger/pushed with my hand,etc. there’s a store that sells them 5 mins away from my work.