SOT buddy wanted for long open water journeys

Hi Paddlers!
I’m new to the forum and looking for an adventurous paddling buddy to do long ocean trips in the Los Angeles County area of SoCal. I’ve been paddling for about 10 years now, almost all open ocean. I like to fish from my kayaks too, but, admittedly, I’m not a very good fisherman : ) I’ve been training (in the gym and on the water) to do a cross channel trip and would love to do that with a friend, but short of that I’m also looking at some intriguing coastal trips.
Any takers?

Have you tried some of the local paddling clubs. California Kayak Friends is a possibility. Best to meet fellow paddlers for short trips and make some friends with experienced paddlers.

There is also San Diego Kayak Club, I used to be a member, not sure they are still active.

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Thank you! Just checked out the CKF site and will get active on it. San Diego is a bit of a hike for me but I’ll check that out too and see if it’s still active.

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