sot for 6'5" 230 lbs guy

I am looking for a kayak for use at the Outer Banks of NC. I want something around 12’ long with plenty of leg room, stable, and dry. I have been looking at the Malibu Mini-X, the Malibu Pro-Explorer, Liquid Logic Manta Ray 12, and the Hurricane Phoenix 120. I like the weight of the Phoenix 120 but from what I read it is wetter and less stable.

Any ideas or help?



WS Ride, a bit longer, but good for
breaking through the surf, OK Scrambler XT (may be tight in the seat area but is good). Most of the cobra kayaks will work.

Why so short for offshore?
If doing more than beach/surf zone play, get a longer kayak.

Question: Do you plan to paddle - or fish?

If you want something decent to paddle, try a Tarpon 160 (the only real Tarpon - accept no substitutes).

The venerable OK Scupper pro might be an option but I suspect the seat might be a little snug for you. Larger Prowler’s another option.

All of the above are good for fishing to - but some of the popular “fishing” models aren’t too great to paddle.

“The Ride” is an old design. Slow, heavy, and has thunderous hull slap. If you can get one cheap/free - maybe. Otherwise…

I plan on using it mostly for light recreation close to shore, not any major long paddling or fishing.



In that case…
… it doesn’t matter much. Just about any will work.

Demo anyway, or use the extended free demo option: Buy used and resell later for same price. I’ve had a dozen kayaks so far, mostly by doing this.

Why not a OK Big Yak or Frenzy if
you are mainly playing. Relatively cheap.


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TARPON 160!!!!! I am 6'3, 240 works fine for me.. Short yacks are for White water!!!

Maybe a body board.

Tarpon 160 - I am 6’5" , 240.
I won’t go near salt water without mine.

The Ride is a barge.

Ocean Kayak Scrambler XL
Works good. Lasts a long time.

Until the Prowler came along, it was the prefered ride of Southern California offshore fishermen