SOT for a beginner 6'5" man 230 lbs

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I am looking for a beginner SOT kayak for lake and slow moving water. I am not that heavy but need the leg room.I just came home from a trip using a 11 foot Necky Dorado and boy my back hurts! Any direction would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks gang

Tarpon 140 or 160.

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I am your size with a 34" inseam and have to remove the foot braces but that is easy. Don't go shorter than 14'. The Phase 3 seat that is standard equipment is great!

Might have some here
Check out

Some of these kayaks work for big and Tall folks. I’d rule out the Cobra Expedition and the RTM disco from the list though.

there’s a Tarpon120 in my area
But that is only 12 ft. You say don’t go less than 14’? Does the length always dictate the amount of leg room? Are there other considerations that I am missing regarding the length? Thanks for your comments.


Heritage 17
I own two nice SOT’s.

Heritage 17ft and 14ft. I do not think they make the 17 anymore but I am sure they make the 14ft.

Both of these will easily fit your needs. You may find a used 17 somewhere.

These were not cheap when I bought them almost 10 yrs ago. About $900 for the 17 and about $700 for the 14ft.

Lots Of Choices
Native Watercraft Ultimate 14.5

Pungo 12 or 14

Ocean Kayak

Wilderness System Tarpon


YOu have to decide on length, weight, and how each applies to your use. Also if fishing I recommend making sure you have a rudder so you can direct your drift.

4 your seight
12’ is too short.

Tarpon 120 is NOT too short!
I am 6’4", 230 lbs. and have a 34" pants inseam. I owned a Tarpon 120 for several years and I can assure you it is not too short. It had all the leg room I needed with the foot pegs all the way forward and it handled my weight just fine.

What it IS is a barge, but if speed/efficiency is not what you’re after, then it’s a fine boat. Yes, the longer the boat, the faster it tends to be, but there are other variables.

I bought it because I was into the kayak-fishing craze. Once I got bored with fishing and only wanted to paddle, I moved on to faster boats. SOTs, generally speaking, are slow. There are some exceptions out there, mostly the so-called “surf skis”, but the great majority are barges compared to sea kayaks and good solo canoes.

Good list
I’d add the Bic Scapa, an interesting 14’ design, pretty fast for a SOT.

Cobra Fish & Dive, Marauder, Navigator
I used to be a Cobra dealer. Any of these will work for you:


Fish & Dive: