SOT for Fishing--Another Angle

I am looking for two kayaks (one for now) for several purposes:

  1. general rec kayaking on wimpy whitewater (sometimes not even class I)
  2. Fishing on small water (river and stillwater). Usually not in waders.
  3. Transportation for wading on the Cumberland Tailwaters. The weather will vary, but the water will almost always be around 56F. Always in waders.

    Is a SOT bad for the last use? I use a Canoe with my son. If we get a kayak (my son is dying for one), then I’d like to be able to use it on the Cumberland by myself instead of working the Disco 158 on my own.

    Thanks so much.

I think an SOT is perfect for use #3. You may get a little wet, but it’ll be much easier to get in and out of.

Lots do
SOTs are very popular in the Pacific Northwest where the water temps are always cool. The suit of armor I have seen described, though have not tried personally, is waders and a dry top.

Use your head to stay dry, and you’ll be fine in an SOT.

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SOT’s are great!
Check out the boats from WS,Ocean and Malibu.Theres tons of great info on these yaks,rigging and fishing at Kayak Fishing Stuff and Texas Kayak Fishing.Good luck!

I’m sold on sot’s; but it’s warm down
here in fla.

fishing another angle
just a thought , check out the solution that i have developed for fishing and gear. i am interested in some feedback.

A SOT from OK or Malibu would be great for #3. (I prefer my Malibu X-Factor over the OK Drifter or Prowler…but that’s just me). I would definitely try the X-Factor before you buy anything. It is my fishing battleship…LOL. Stable and very dry for a SOT to begin with (and I weigh 270 lbs). I get very little water in it when I am out fishing. I can even bring both my sons (8 and 10) out if I wanted to.

Bart12-just checked out your website-
that outrigger with the sport seat looks like a fine fishing combo. I’m certain that rig would work like a charm here in Florida. However, our SINKS are not rudder equipped. I have been looking at the Kaskazi superyaks and they would be uniquely suited to your outrigger setup. Hope you are successful in your endeavor.