SOT for my wife

I just purchased my 1st SOT this weekend which is a Prowler 13 angler. I am now asking for thoughts and suggestions for my wife a SOT. She is 5’11 tall and 124lbs. We are going to be doing alot of fishing (lake,river,pond,etc.), flat water paddling, some ocean paddling, rec paddling and possibly some overnight trips. I would greatly appreciate some testimonials and suggestions for my wife. A couple we have thrown around are the Tarpon 120 and The OK Scrambler XL Angler.

Thanks for the help.

Check out the Wilderness Systems
Tarpon 140. I think she will appreciate the larger tank well and the larger front hatch. It has enough rocker to make it very manueverable. It is a little on the heavy side, but that is where you come in. For all of the applications that you listed, I think it will be a great boat.

An old classic
I’ve only paddled a few SOTs but my favorite was the Ocean Kayak Scupper Pro.

At 124 lbs, your wife will like the fairly small seat well in the Scupper. The beam (26") is also narrower than most non-surfski SOTs.

The Scupper handled nicely in small swells and waves, plus wind. The snug seat well and wrap-around backband allowed edging, even without thighstraps.

It used to come with either hatches or tankwells, but I don’t know what the latest choices are.