SOT for Whitewater.

In my quest for a boat to run whitewaer in I’m beginning to think I may want to look into a SOT versus a true ww yak since I’m so big. I have zero interest in playing of any kind. I like to just go through the rapids and continue on down river. Can some of you point me to some models to look at. I’m gonna try and get to a large paddle shop this week and look for myself but it’s nice to have an idea what to look for. thanks.

It depends
For Class I & II, there are many. Coosa River Outfitters rents OT Sport H2Yo’s (along with Dimension Typhoons which are identical to the H2Yo’s), Ocean Kayak Mar’s, Venus’s, and Yahoo’s (the Yahoo is no longer made though). They send folks down the Coosa River near Wetumpka, AL, which has Class I, II, and one non-technical Class III which can be paddled around. My fiance’ took a Typhoon and had no problems at all.

I always have to plug Tarpons.
Maybe a 10 or 12 footer.With thigh straps.

Maybe An Inflatable Kayak?
I am a big SOT fan, but I always used inflatable kayaks for whitewater. Check out the Boatpeople website

Thinking about getting a Tarpon 140 for some crossover Class I&II and “maybe” some non-technical Class III. I tried one last weekend at a Chattanooga (Rock Creek Outfitters)Demo Days. Not very maneuverable until you get it up on edge. It actually edged very well, it would do better with some thigh straps though. Once on a slight edge, it turned very easily. Flat, its got some decent speed and glide. What do you think?

Another reason to buy a SOT :slight_smile:
I can talk my wife into letting me buy a SOT because it would be way more stable than my yak or canoe. I think I’d be able to get her out on our local lakes on a nice calm day and spend more time with her. Man am I smart or what?

I didn’t
like the sOT i tried on a class II river. Seems if ya hit any little obsticle on the side of the yak it wanted to flip me over. I have run similar in my rec. boat and it seemed much easier.

Perception Torrent

Check out the…
Stearns Inflatable SOT’s. Make sure you get thigh straps if you run WW at all. The stearns self bailing solo IK comes with them, the tandem you have to buy them extra.

how is it self bailing?
and that torrent looks nice. I tried a Ocean kayak.

If you used an OK boat with a built in keel like the Frenzy or Scrambler it will tilt left or right when it grounds out. OK does make some flat hull boats like the Scupper or Mars

I got a boat from a local store today.
I got a new Torrent from a local store at a good price. Thanks all for your help.