SOT in Mountain rivers?

Does anybody use a SOT like the Tarpon 10 or another like it in heavier water (Class 3 and below) in the Rockies? I use a small Kopapa sit-in kayak to fish here but I’d like a SOT in the warmer climate. Was just wondering if anybody used SOTs in the mountain west. How do they work? I’d like it because you can get back on it in deeper water than you can with a sit-in.

Also, I know I could get back on it in deep water down here in Florida–I do not have great confidence in my self rescue skill and right now I stay in shallow water where I can touch bottom for that reason.


necky spike, used it on the
nanathalla {spl} in N.C. and had a blast.has some v in the front and is flat in mis section so it work well in whitewater. a few in our group thought I was nuts until they saw it perform. If you’re unsure about your swimming skills wear that pfd religously; even waist deep water can drown you.

Tarpon, no
I have a Tarpon 120 and I have also done a bit of Class III and IV. I wouldn’t really recommend the Tarpon for a lot of heavy class II. It is a vary stable and willing tracker, but it lacks the maneuvering ability for big water.

WS Ripper is good, but small
My wife has paddled our Wilderness Systems Ripper down a river - she’s a beginner, but she had no problem manevering it.

SOT’s that are good fishing yaks are best suited to class II and under with maybe the low to mid range of class III for some.The T-100 and OK’s Caper would be good choices with the 100 being easier to paddle upstream but the Caper has better internal storage for gear.