I am looking for a good comparison between the Oldtown Pack canoe and the Mad River Synergy 12 SOT kayak. I will be using it for a flyfishing/ultralite fishing platform on trout streams and lakes. I have fished from the Pack canoe and it works fine. I would like to know if I would be able to fish standing up from the Synergy 12 SOT. I have a 16’ fiberglass canoe and a WS 10’kayak.The 16’ canoe is too heavy and the SI kayak is too low to the water to flyfish. The Pack is perfect as far as weight @ 34 lbs. The Synergy is heavier at 60 lbs.

Aside from weight . . . .
Check out the Native Watercrafts. Hybrid that is stable enough to stand up in for fishing. Close in weight to the Synergy, but probably more stable. The Ultimate is lighter than the Magic, but you probably want some flotation for safety. The magic is more of a SOT, while the Ultimate is closer to a canoe, ie, not a sealed hull.

Apples and oranges. The Synergy
is a fairly heavy SOT without scupper holes. Its an alright ride, but difficult to compare to a Pack canoe. Standing in most SOT’s seems to be an individual thing and depend on where your weight is distribted. Other than being a bit of a barge to paddle, with a tendency to be a bit tippy sometimes, the Pack would be my choice. Still, I’d give up the ability to stand for a solo that paddles and maneuvers better. As for the Native Watercraft Ultimate and Magic, both seem to be very steady and most can stand in them. Believe that at least one of those two will be available in lighter layups…at more cost…early next year.

I believe Native does make a carbon version of their boats. Not sure on the weight, though.