SOT Kayaking?

-- Last Updated: Dec-20-12 8:30 PM EST --

Now this has got to be called stand on top kayaking:

Imagine clamping on two of these DRG's to an old 230cm San Juan paddle and cruising by all the other paddle crafts on your SOT kayak board?

Why sit when you can stand?

My guess is that a SOT surf ski
with a competent paddler would walk away from the standees.

But, it’s just a guess.

Junk … Already talked to a guy
from Molokai who tried @ AlaMoana. … He ordered a super long, little wing.

Probably Wouldn’t Make a Difference
For those of us who already paddle wings. Especially those of us who paddle with at least a 75+ degree feather. Our wrists and joints are already broken in and very familiar with the movement. But many others arn’t, and so I would recommend your other flat blades instead for this purpose using your Onno Lever Lock to keep the DRG’s tight on the shaft?