SOT Kayaking

I am new to kayaking and bought a 10’ SOT. Are these good to take in protected open waters? I seem to see only sit ins out there. Let me know.


Where’s “out there”?
Lake? Pond? Ocean? I think you’ll get a better response by giving some details about where you paddle.

Protected open waters?
Appears to be an oxymoron - open water usually includes bodies of water that are open enough to get significant wind and waves.

Give a specific location, like a bay or a lake, will get a more useful response. That said, if you are asking the question it suggests that you should not be taking this craft into the middle of a large ocean bay yet.

How far from the shore line do you plan to paddle? 100 feet, 1000 feet, 1 mile?

Even a relatively small lake can get very choppy on windy days and make it quite hard to get to shore if a quick storm comes up

SOTs can be just fine
on unprotected open water.

You need to clarify what you mean and where you intend to paddle.

Also you need to learn to self rescue, and have proper safety equipment - wet suit or dry suit, PFD, signaling device. Don’t paddle alone when you are a beginner. Take some paddling classes.

Not all SOTs are created equal - some are very seaworthy, some are water toys. High winds and heavy waves can be very punishing if you are a beginner.

fishing boats
are SOTs that many take out in big water. The size and quality of the boat are more important than the type.