SOT kayaks and weight capacity

I’m looking for a SOT kayak for fishing, and I am confused about rated weight capacity. I read somewhere that I should take 2/3 of the weight capacity, and use that weight for the kayak to perform at it’s best. If I go over that, the kayak would be sitting too low, and it would be a wet ride. One I’m interested in is the Malibu Mini X, rated at 325 lb. capacity, and I weigh about 240. 2/3 comes to 217 lbs. Am I too heavy for this kayak? Thanks.

Paddle one. If you are pushing water

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, creating a wake, you are too heavy. I weigh 230 and paddled a 10' SOT that was rated for my weight. I thought I had an anchor out.
It is rated to carry 250-300 lbs. Without ever having seen one,I think it is too small for you.
IN MY OPINION someone your size needs a 12' boat at minimum.

Based on the pics…

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of some of the paddlers in their mini-x, I would guess that it would be wet, sluggish ride for you. You haven't included the 25-50lb of gear in the that fishing people tend to carry along with them (I try to minimal and still have at least 25lbs or so of extra rods, lures, electronics and misc gear and water).

String hit it. Best to test ride if you can before committing.


Better Video Link…

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those are lighter paddlers, without gear, with the kayak looking about right for them...

Try it out. Good luck.


PS. I weigh about 145lbs and fish with a scupper pro tw which is rated for 375-400 lbs. This is the boat that I use for salt water fishing in tidal races and chops. The extra buoyancy helps with stability while fishing and not having to worrying about bracing with the paddle to stay upright.

Thanks guys. The closest Malibu dealer is 160 miles away, that’s why I can’t test it out. Is the 2/3 rule I listed accurate then?

never heard of the 2/3 rule. Based on my own weight to suggested boat capacity, I can only say I am comfortable for the 50% rule for myself.