SOT Kayaks?

The Cobra Maurader

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Is the one. Being one of Cobras "boat ramp" Dealers (No Store Just big discounts) I have been bugging them to fix this problem. They moved the seat back a little but that only fixed the problem with the lack of long leg room and did nothing about the ankle tilting issue. What they did when they designed this boat is that they wanted to use the same rectangle hatch from the "Fish N Dive" model when they should have designed a narrower hatch big enough for Small batteries or whatever while allowing more foot room. I have one of the original Mauraders (only Blue, naw naw naw naw naw, only a few of those) and since sit on tops are really best in warm conditions I just flip off my sandals and wedge them it the foot space and rest my feet on them. works fine as long as your feet aren't giant.


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I have a Ocean kayak prowler 13....its a fast kayak and great for fishing and is easy to paddle.

Manta Ray
I paddled a Manta Ray and thought it was a great kayak fast and comfortable.Would not mind having one.

I’ve a friend with a Prowler 13. He
says its on the slow side and not the best paddling kayak. Tends to drift instead of track straight. He’s in better physical condition and ten years younger, but I’ve no problem keeping up with him in my Loon 138 and leave him in the dust in my solo canoe when I use a kayak paddle.

My Cobra (the ankle biter) !
Is plenty light and rides very dry, holds way more gear than ALL the others (in the 14 foot class.) Not fast when fully loaded though. It tracks great yet turns on a dime. Cobra is trying real hard but that model really need its own center hatch, the F&D hatch that they used for the Marauder just robbed all the foot room !

I"ve a friend with a Navigator, likes
the boat, uses it for a mule on downriver gar fishing trips, also on lakes. Tough boat, but he says its a bit squirrelly at times. Two years after he bought the Navigator it developed problems with the hull. Cobra replaced it no questions asked.

I have five
Cobras, two explorers, two Navigators and one Maurader. My totally pimped out Maurader is my Blue “Tupperware Trawler”. One of the explorers is also a color that Cobra normally doesn’t offer,

Purple !

Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 (Angler)
I purchased the O.K. Prowler a couple months ago, and love it. I take it to several big lakes and rivers in the area and usually troll fish while I’m exploring coves. Fast, tracks great, and very stable. This thing will go in very shallow water so you can get to places no one else can. Highly recommended.

Let me know if you have questions about it.


The same friend also has a Cobra
Triple. He’s still no sure why he bought it, but has used it for tandem river trips. Real barge, but its a horse for carrying stuff. He’s moving on, he added a stitch and glue/strip deck to his stable. Its a beauty and if I had the tools and the money, I might try building one. Hell, if I had the money, I’d just have the mutual friend that built his build me one. He can do it for under a grand.