SOT Kayaks?

Just hoping to get some opinions of a sot kayak. I would like something in the 12 to 14’ range that can be considered “fast” for a sot kayak…if this is possible. Would be using it for play, workouts, fishing sometimes (not a priority)and would like to use it on local lake (80acres)and good sized rivers. Price needs to be a concern (< $1000) and would obviously like a lighter weight kayak. Okay, I’m all ears (and eyes).


sot ?

Sit On Top
Sit on top kayaks are very popular for fishermen and they are also good to have if you plan on kayaking in the ocean.(because they don’t take on water like a standard kayak would) Wilderness Systems and Ocean Kayak both make nice quality Sit on top Kayaks that retail well under $1000.

As far as length, it depends on your weight and how much gear you plan on hauling. If you’re light and don’t plan to haul much go with a 12’

I hope that helps some.

T120 may be one of the best at that
price level. But, the Hurricane Phoenix 120 and 140 are both great kayaks, fast for SOT’s, and much lighter than regular poly boats. Other kayaks to look at would be the Wilderness System Ride, not as fast maybe, but no turkey…bit heavier than the T120 and the Phoenix, and the Liquid Logic Manta Ray’s.

Speed and SOT aren’t necessarily things that go together. At the length you are talking about, the difference in speed is negligible for similar length/width kayaks. The advantage, then, may go to similar kayaks that are lighter…Phoenix’s fit that bill.

Never owned one, but get to try my bud’s Heritage Redfish 14 next weekend. $800 range, I think. Lot of storage…72 lbs reminds me of the 80 lb boat I just sold.

I’m happy with my 50 lb Heritage Featherlite rec boat with angler package…under $700.

RTM Disco

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If you can find one. They are selling faster than they can get them. 14'x26"x50#. $1000 should get you a paddle, pfd, seat and thigh straps.

RTM Tempo
I think that’s the name, but it’s the same boat as an OCean Kayak Scupper Pro TW, and for a SOT, they are VERY quick.

Check out KFS
It’s the best fishing/SOT site with plenty of good advice on yaks,etc.

Its only one of the best kayak fishing
websites. is as good, except TKF doesn’t sell kayaks and gear. Both are great places for information. KFS is better for those in colder climates.

WS Tarpon 140…
is a good all around boat. It’s a bit heavy so if that is major concern, look to the smaller and lighter 120 model. Both models under $800.

SOT suggestion - MantaRay
I have a Liquid Logic Manta Ray and I love it. I think it’s fast. Also exceptionally dry! The 14’ one goes for around $800.

where can I see the T120?
The site lists dealers, so might check to see which one is closest.

The 120 is popular, a drier ride than the 140, but maybe not quite as fast. That’s relative with an SOT, unless you go for a 16 foot or longer SOT sea kayak.

The 140 is known as a wet boat.

Magic sit on top looks promising
Native Watercraft’s new Magic series has the best seating I’ve ever sat in and an innovative way to mount accessory items called Plug and Play. Their Ultimates are another option if you want to stay drier. Both were huge hits at the Grand Rapids MI Fishing show last weekend.

Those seats have gravitated over to
Heritage kayaks and may make it over to Liquid Logic, though the Manta Ray series have about the best SOT factory seat out their, plush. Legend (Native Watercraft), Liquid Logic, and Heritage are now under the same umbrella.

If you are interested in the Tarpons, also look at the Hurricane Aquasports Phoenix 120. Almost a clone of the Tarpon 120 but at 38 lbs.

Native Watercraft, Manta Rays
Saw a couple of Manta Rays and Native Watercraft yesterday. Didn’t get to demo them but I liked their looks and features. With the Native, the weight was surprisingly light (50lbs).

Liquid Logic Manta Ray
I do similar paddling…lakes, fat rivers, some creeks with a bit of action. My boat is a Manta Ray 14. My wife drives the 10 foot model.

For handling and speed, its superb! I need the 14 footer because I weigh 300 pounds but would opt for a shorter model if I could because the longer boat is much more work to haul up a steep creek bank when we need to portage. We were out on a narrow lake yesterday, and my wife was doing fine at keeping up with me, so I would recommend fitting yourself to the shortest model that works for your size.

just don’t get one with the ankle biters in the leg room area, those things are not comfortable at all from what I hear…