SOT mass crash and burn in surf

Interesting video:

One lesson that keeps getting shown over and over again is how you never stand between your boat and shore in surf, as when a wave takes the boat, it has incredible power.

funny. I’ve surf launched dozens of times with my fishing buddies and have never seen anyone have problems like those on the video (and in bigger waves on the Sonoma Coast). Thinking the person shot the video with a Fisher Price toy camera…painful to watch.

what’s the occasion ?


So many questions and so little time… but why were that many people who can’t stay upright in minor surf all launching so close together? Though not everyone waited to get a paddle into the water before the swim. At at least one headed straight for the water in process if trying to sit in the boat. They missed.

Given the sheer number of swimmers, they are lucky if they got out of there without a broken bone.

Ein Kluster F**K
What the heck was that?

I have never seen so many clueless SOT paddlers in one spot. Did you see all the cheap aluminum paddles use the wrong face of the paddle ??? Most of those paddlers had never seen waves before . Good thing the surf was tiny.

At least the music was clever, even …
… if it was completely off-topic (they chose a parody tune about ice fishing in Wisconsin as the backdrop for a fishing tournament on the coast? Hmmm). But yeah, I don’t think most of those guys had much paddling experience, especially not in waves.

Guy in the yellow boat @ 0:20 was all laughs until the boat got him in the shins. He’s got to be sporting some bruises and lucky he didn’t break a leg.

The youtube poster seems to think this is a laugh riot. Granted some of the capsizes looked a bit faked…