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We always head to Cape Cod for a week in the summer, and last year I watched with envy as people were having fun with sit on top kayaks, playing in the surf and riding the waves. Looking for recommendations of a decent SOT boat. The Ocean Kayak boats seem popular, and are probably plenty good for what I will do with it, but my question is, will the Yak Board suit someone my size, 6’ tall and 190#? Or other recommended models / brands?

Wilderness Systems Tarpon,
several lengths.Native Watercraft makes a good one;Hurricane Aquasports Phoenix.

Surfing on SOT
Yakboard will probably work for you. It’s not my favorite boat. Kind of slow, and you really can’t cut back too well. It’s OK to get started. I would look for a Cobra Strike or a Wilderness Systems Kaos. In the Ocean Kayak line up a Frenzy would also be good boat for what you want to do.

I see already people are posting that have no idea about SOTs in the surf…

Better place for info for surfing on SOTs is Tom Holtey’s webpage:

Also OK Scrambler

Not a regular surf guy, but…
I had a pretty good time on a Yak Board in Mexico a few years ago. I’m 6-1, 165 lbs. It was plenty big enough for me. I agree with the previous poster - It’s not the most nimble surf boat, but it is fine for playing around. It’s also really inexpensive, so you could play around on it for a summer before deciding if you really wanted a serious surf machine.

so far i like my…
Heritage Expedition LP. They don’t make it anymore, but they make ones very similar like the Sea Dart.

Thanks for the feedback, I will be up in Portland ME in a couple weeks, I’ll see if any of the local shops have a deal on a yak board. Unless someone has a used one to sell.

OK Big Yak is a good size

Bic Sport

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I've got 2 Bic Sport "Scapa" kayaks that I use for adventure-racing and love them. I'm 5' 10" and 165# myself, but have had 220# paddlers use my boats as well with no problems and very positive comments. For a 15.5' SOT it's a quick and agile boat that turns really well too...

On a side note, I know Bic Sports North America is headquartered there in Mass, so you could probably get a pretty good deal if you contact them directly.

- AA

I have a yakboard for…
sale or rent,with thigh straps, I made poly fins that greatly improves handling,cutbacks.Many folks try to surf without straps very funny to watch. I live on cape cod and usually surf the outer beaches rent it for the week and see if you like it $80.00 or buy with straps and fins $250.00 e-mail me