SOT Recreational Recommendations

I currently have a Perception Swifty DLX 9.5. I like the maneuverability of the Swifty and believe it’s a very well made and comfortable craft. However, I typically paddle rivers with rapids up to class 3 and find that the cockpit fills with water very easily. Because I’m tired of swimming/floating to shore to dump the water out, I’m considering buying a SOT with scupper holes. Because I’m still new to kayaking (and may change my mind again in the future), I want to stay with something pretty inexpensive. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

You take that in class three water? Perhaps a white water class is the best suggestion.

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The class 3 is only in a couple of spots on one particular river section I frequent. It’s not the norm.

Look for a used Wilderness Systems Tarpon .I think they start at 10’. A Perception Pescador , found at Academy SG , would also be one to look at. Both are well made and stout.
Not knowing what pretty cheap is , just don’t buy a Pelican. You will be disappointed and the trash is about the only place to get rid of it.

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Suggest a Perception Tribe, or the discontinued Ocean Kayak Frenzy (or their new version). You’ll need thigh straps for rapids to avoid falling out and better control.

If rivers are your thing, there are some white water specific sit on tops which may do you better. Something like the Dagger Torrent - It is listed as good for up to class III.

The Liquidlogic coupe XP is another crossover whitewater/ recreational SOT to consider.

I’ve looked at the Pescador and it seems to be in line with what I’m looking for. Do you have any experience with the 10’ or 12’ versions? It would be nice to know how much maneuverability is lost with the 12 vs the 10. Haven’t looked into the Tarpon but will. hanks for the info.

I don’t recall ever looking at the Torrent or the Coupe XP but certainly will. Thanks for the suggestions.

The Tarpon and I assume the Pescador are made to track, go straight. But, I have a 16’ Tarpon and can maneuver it in tight places. It takes some practice. And I miss sometimes.

Thx for the info.

Pls let us know what you get.

I will, but it may be a while before I can post any paddling experiences with the new yak since the season is over where I am. I’m hoping the off season will allow me to find something used but not abused at a good price. Again thank you everyone for the recommendations.