SOT riding low in the back

I recently took a three day camping trip. I had gear in the nose hatch & my rear storage area (open storage, not a hatch or drywell). I was told by a friend that it was sitting really low in the back. When I checked, there was about 3 inches of water in the back while I was in the boat.

My question is, if I plug the scupper holes in the back will it add buoyancy?

It’s a Perception Pescador 12’. I’m a big fella 6’1"/315 lbs. so I’m sure that had a lot to do with it, but it doesn’t usually ride low on day trips (without the milk crate full of water bottles & hammock gear).

I’m curious about plugging the scupper holes but don’t want to worsen my situation for future trips. Any suggestions/ideas?

plugging scupers won’t increase floation

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Plugging the scuppers won't increase floatation, and may make it worse. The holes are made to drain water out. If you do plug them, you may prevent some water from coming in. But any water that does come in (splashes over the top, etc.) won't get out, and when that happens you will actually be worse off.

You are just too close to the limit on that boat. The specs I read said that boat hags a max capacity of 350 pounds. Your weight, your clothes and gear, the camping gear and all brought you way too close. For most boats, you don't want to get even close to their max weight limit.

Assuming you won't change boats, if you are riding low in the back but not the front. Perhaps try moving whatever weight you can to the front.

Too close
That was my worry. I did have a lot of gear in the back, plus 3 decent size bottles of water (probably an additional 20 lbs). I tried to even it out but couldn’t get any more into the front.

Thanks for the info on plugging the scuppers. I didn’t want to make it worse.

Is there a drain plug?
Was it under water?

Drain plug
Yes it was. Why do you ask?