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Due to a knee injury, my wife prefers SOTs for paddling, and for the past few years has had an Ocean Scrambler XL. This boat works pretty well for rivers and streams, but is a little slow for long lake paddles and doesn’t track well. SO,we’re looking for another SOT with a) better tracking, b) a little faster, and c) room for gear. There is a fair number of nice looking hull designs being offered, but the problem is that they most all have the molded center ridge between the foot wells. We often take our Shelties when camping and with the front and rear wells on the XL loaded with gear, the only place for the dog is between my wife’s feet. Anyone have any suggestions for a SOT with the above attributes, but without the center ridge? Thanks

Just to ask…
have you ruled out the idea of a pack canoe? Sit on bottom so feels more stable to most than a kneeling canoe, and solves the dog problem. Paddles with a double blade so she’s already used to that.

Can the dawg sit in a tankwell
behind the paddler?If so, look at the Tarpon 160i.

A few suggestions…
would be to check out the Ocean Kayak Prowler 15. This is a discontinued model (and the kayak fishermen are not happy) that is stable, fast for a SOT, and has a big well in back for the dog. Weight is about 56lbs, which is substantially less than the Tarpon 160 at 76 lbs. I was all hot for a T160 until I paddled one…speed was the same as the Prowler, stability was not as good, rear well is smaller, and the funky seat layout is not right in the new ones…many much prefer the pre 08’s if you can find one. Check out Sierra Trading Post for OK Prowler blems…some excellent deals. Not a fan of WS kayaks as their customer service and warranty was lacking in my case. If you need photos of my OK 15 with my Border Collie on board, PM me. Good luck.


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Current Designs Kestrel 140 SOT

Hurricane Phoenix 120

A couple of pack canoes:

Any solo canoe can be paddled with a double-blade paddle.

check out
the sot’s made by Hurricane Aqua Sports. Much lighter than RM boats at about the same price. . . Check out the reviews here on P net

I’ve been looking for same
My top 3 look for’s:


lots of flat space (don’t like the molded in foot braces)


The two main contenders seem to be:

  1. Tarpon 120 Ultralite (different than the regular); 43 lbs.

  2. Hurricane Phoenix 120; 38 lbs.

    The HP 120 has a molded thing sticking out from the seat a little ways but I think you could still fit a Sheltie in front of that, or in the stern.

    Its certainly cheaper.

    Not sure how to decide between the two besides paddle them and then choices between how comfy is the seat and small hatch size and placement.

Current Designs New Zone May Work
for you too. No center ridge, nice footrests, it paddled nicely, seemed quicker than most SOTs, and much like a SINK when I tried it for a bit at the ECCKF last month. R

Check out for there research tools.

Off the top of my head, the Zone and maybe a Skua.


A couple more to consider

RTM’s Disco has a very performance oriented hull, and won’t break your budget, last time I checked, less than 700.

The Scupper Pro TW retails for about the same. Notice the beam on both boats…and also the space between the legs looks relatively open on both.

The Manta Ray’s a nice boat as well (I have a 12 and a 14, as well as a Prowler 13, I like them all) I don’t know if it’s cockpit fits your needs, though.

Take a look at some of Native Watercraft’s other boats, like the magic series:

They have the openess and adjustability of a Canoe, if that fits with your paddling needs.

Bic Scapa
I have a Bic scapa it might work for you.

for all the suggestions. Really appreciate that.

I’ve broached the pack canoe idea, but wife likes her yaks, so when the canoe comes, it’s going to be MINE!

When the dogs are with us, we’re usually on an excursion somewhere and the tank well and forward storage area is full of gear…no room for the dog. The only practicle spot is between the feet.

Going to visit all these links…some I’ve seen, some not…so excuse me while I do some shopping.

Hobbie Oddysey Tandem with large rear

You can install a large rear hatch in the tandem and put a ton of gear in it. Paddle it from the center solo seat and dogs could riding in the bow and in the stern.

check out corona
easy to transport - and lots of room for the dog.

you could also look at the nomad. the moken 12 std. would be ok too -but you have a storage area between your feet…