SOT suggestions...

The Debulator and I are beginning to think about some SOT’s to add to the arsenal. Mostly for snorkeling and possibly shallow water diving in the Gulf, but perhaps some swamp stomps where getting out of the boat frequently is needed.

I’m thinking I can make a narrow boat stable with an outrigger more easily than I can make a broad boat faster. Perhaps 14 - 16 foot in length. Fifty pounds or less would be very cool, as we’re not getting younger and pulling over logs is a reality in our world. Smooth bottom would be easier in the swamps. I’ve looked at Eddyline, Hurricane, and RTM.




Seda Revenge
Aquaterra Prism come to mind

Consider the Epic V6, if composite
boats are an option.

Plenty stable and very efficient for a smaller to medium size paddler.

Hurricane Skimmer 128
I’m really enjoying my Hurricane Skimmer 128, and now they also have a 14 ft version.

Kestrel 14 composite, used…

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I just saw a couple of these now-discontinued SOTs for sale on ebay, in Florida, I think. Seemed great condition, and price not too outrageous.

Here they are, as of 'now':

usefull link

think these were the made in China variety. Did I read that due to problems with these China made yaks, they stopped production there?

You might be thinking of WS
Wilderness Systems moved their composite manufacturing from China, to Estonia. I dunno about CD.

Thanks, everyone!
That’ll give me something to chew on. The Kestrel did come to mind, but I’m preferring the open well style rear end for a tank of air and a BCD.

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Look at Necky Vectors .
Lighter than a Tarpon. Quick,narrow boats with decent stability. Don’t know about carrying tanks but have a tank well.

Hurricane Skimmer 140

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I just tried a Hurricane Skimmer 140 at our local paddle fest this weekend. I was very impressed with it's handling and glide. It was also very stable, which was a concern for me due to my size (6'4" & 280#). Being my size, I've only paddled canoes and was afraid with so much mass up high the SOT would feel tippy, but the Skimmer did not. I'm not sure you'd need to add anything to make it more stable.

One other thing of note for this boat. It was really windy during the paddle fest and while the canoes I tried were heavily influenced by the wind, the Skimmer was much less so. That was a pleasant surprise. If not for the paddle fest, I'd never go out in wind like that regardless of the craft, but I'd stay out longer when the wind kicks up in the Skimmer than any of my canoes.

Also, the seat was very comfortable for a test paddle. I'd be curious to know how my back would hold out after several hours in it. But some of the SOTs have me in misery after just a few minutes, so it was a good sign.

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