SOT transport

After years of sit inside kayaks I boughy my first SOT kayak.Although it only weighs 44 lbs, I find it clumsy to carry it 100 yards or more to my put ins.

Any suggestions & how better to transport it.

Has anyone tried the the yak strap or can recommened a kayak cart that folds up so I can store it in my yak.


Get yourself a cart , your yak shop should help you out with the proper brand. FishHawk

I carry boats balance on my head.
You might need to put a pad of some sort at the balance point of your SOT.

It is also possible to carry a 44 pound SOT under one arm, if you rig up a strap and pad to transfer the weight to your opposite shoulder.

A third option, rarely used. You don’t want to drag the SOT on the ground because you might wear through the hull. But you might cut a panel from a garbage can and drill it so you can attach it to one end of your SOT. Then you can drag one end and the garbage panel will protect the boat.

premade carts are surprisingly expensive

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I made my own 2-wheeler from the wheels and axle of an old utility dolly and a little lumber. Mine is a little bit more bulk than premade ones, but the premade ones are still really bulky to try to stow on your yak. Best to leave it on the shore, as I do.

I generally only need to use the cart for my 3-man canoe when I am by myself, but my SOT and Surfski I balance on my head (not at the same time).

Which model?
Some have deep enough seats to put a hand inside to carry. Some have carry handles. I carry one of mine with its thigh straps. You could always add a couple of padeyes for a padded carry strap…


Thigh Straps Work to Carry
Sling it over your shoulder …