SOT vs SINK, yet another ?

Hello folks, here’s yet another ? in the continuous debate of SOT vs SINK. I’ve searched and read through tons of messages here and scoured the web for all sorts of info. Basically what’s happening during all this is I’m talking myself into buying another yak :wink:

I have a new style Pungo120 which I’ve used extensively on local bass ponds in Mass. Love it, I’ve done a very limited amount of salt-water in it, fairly protected cove type stuff, worked o.k. But my salt-water fishing heart lies on Cape Cod and would love to tackle my favorite sites down there, but I’m questioning the Pungo120’s usability and safety. Hence my search into SOT’s. So after all the BS here’s my ?‘s.

Do you really get that wet in a SOT? I don’t mind wearing my waders and such, for fly-fishing is my favorite and getting out to fish a few drop offs and rips is cool by me.

The Ocean Kayak Prowler looks awesome also considering the OK Scramler XT, WS Tarpon 160, or is there a Tarpon 140? Or the FishN’Dive. Any comments on these. I’m a relatively big guy, 6’ 225lbs, so I’m leaning towards these bigger boats.

If that wasn’t enough I wondering if I could just get a Pungo140 and sell my 120 and have a yak for both. Any comments / suggestions? Thanks.

Test a few
I put a review in for The Prowler and Tarpon 120, my two favorites. They are both pretty dry rides for SOTs, depending on the conditions. good luck

there is a WS Tarpon 140
I have seen it at my local kayak shop. I didn’t see anything on WS website though (disapointing site). The tarpon 140 does have a tankwell unlike the 160. I havn’t tried one, but if its anything like the 120 it would also be a good choice

Tarpon 120
I LOVE my Tarpon 120. I had a sit-in and traded it for the Tarpon 120, and am well pleased.

It’s my perfect river fishing machine. Very stable and dry. My local dealer has plenty at $599. You won’t be sorry if you buy a T 120.

Wanna fish in Florida? See my posts on Kayak fishing trips.

Good fishing!

Try the Wilderness Systems message board, which you can get to from their home page. If you look back a few months you should find some posts about the T140, which has generally been very favorably reviewed. You will also see a lot of complaining about the products website, which has not been updated for a long time. It’s a shame that this boat has been out since last fall, and they still haven’t done anything to market it. This is a very lame company in many respects, but they make some mighty fine kayaks.

pungo in the ocean
"If that wasn’t enough I wondering if I could just get a Pungo140 and sell my 120 and have a yak for both."

going longer won’t make the pungo more seaworthy. the big thing that makes rec kayak design less than optimal for use other than in sheltered conditions is the large open cockpit and the amount of water they take on in a capsize making self rescue difficult if not impossible.

imo, you’re better off with an sot.

Ditto that
I have a Pungo 140 which I love in shallow or protected water, but it’s not for deep or big, open water. I use a ScupperPro for that. More stable, handles big, choppy water, easy to recover after capsize (which is unlikely). Get a SOT with a tankwell (Prowler, T120, T140, Scupper) for fishing and you won’t be sorry.

Sink i ok in the salt
I fish the Cape in a Necky Santa Cruz , which is fast and very seaworthy. The Tarpon is one of the best SOT. However, what I have noticed is a false sense of security by SOT users . They tend to take chances when better judgement would say not to. I have read hair-raising posts on a SOT web site and the SOT guys had some pretty close calls. If the weather turned nasty , I for one would want to be in a SINK. Just my .02


are why I paddle a sea kayak. I’ve made it back when the day turned very rough on more than a few occasions. Fishing is all round easier from a sit on top, though. So is keeping fish and bait. I use only lures and have some good days casting from my sink. Good luck… whatever you fish from.

I fly fish out of my Scupper Pro TW in both fresh and salt water. Get an SOT with a tankwell and you’ll be pleased. The Tarpons, OK Scupper, Prowler or Drifter, Cobra Fish-n-Dive, Tourer. These are all good boats. An SOT handles rough water well and makes getting in and out to wade a snap.

Pungo 140 & Tarpon 140
I have a Pungo 140 (SINK) and a Tarpon 140 (SOT). They’re both great yaks. I mainly use the P-140 for overnight fishing/camping trips and the T-140 for day fishing trips. The P-140 does well in the flats, marshes and shallow bays of the Galveston Bay complex and the T-140 does also, but I use the T-140 exclusively when fishing in the surf zone and venture out about 1 mile offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. Both yaks are very fast since they both have a 28" width, but due to the P-140’s hard chines, she’s a hair faster than the T-140. I can stand up in the cockpit of the T-140 and pole her and I like to sit side-saddle when I fish in deeper water. I can’t sit side-saddle in the P-140. The Pungo is 12 pounds lighter in physical weight than the Tarpon.

If you are considering a SIK at all, before you decide you should consider where you will be launching from. Surf launches in a SIK require advanced skills and a sense of adventure.


Good point
The surf is something that takes time to become comfortable about. As a beginner, coming in thru surf was harder than going out. The boat would broach and over I’d go. Now I play in the surf zone in my plastic sea kayak. Much practice (and maybe some lessons) are needed before you’ll be ready to head out thru surf to fish. Also, be sure your tackle is secure as the waves have a way of clearing the decks. My advice is to do plenty of backwater and lake fishing before trying the big stuff.

I Agree
I think PI has a good point. It is the wide cockpit on the Pungo that makes it a poor choice for open ocean, even with floatation added.

A SOT launches and lands thru surf easier than an SINK and if you spill you just stand up and walk onto the beach. You can get real twisted up if that happens in a SINK. I see it all the time out here.

I think the SOT advanatge is mainly for fighting fish. It is so easy to get caught up in the fight and go over. A 28" wide SOT does not go over easily.

BTW: Lose the waders in the ocean. They will fill and you will become a sea anchor. Get a wetsuit.