SOT with Dog

I want to do some summer flatwater paddling with my 80-lb chocolate lab. Normally, he swims along beside me, but I’ve been thinking of getting a SOT so he can hitch a ride on long paddles on the bay near my home. It seems that with a SOT, we could go longer distances together.

So, any suggestions for a SOT that would do the trick? I’m a short-ish woman, but not especially low-volume, if you know what I mean.


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look at a Ocean Kayak Malibu II (slow, easy to find, very stable in waves etc.) or Hobie Odyssey (faster more comfortable boat, would work really well). Ocean Kayak also sells a model for what you want to do but if you and the dog are both fairly large you will want a Tandem. These boats will be heavy and akward to move if you don't have a fair amount of body strength. The store has a webpage on Kayaking with dogs. They favor Cobra kayaks, while my Cobra Strike is one my favorite boats I would look at some of the other brands mentioned above for dog paddling.

We Are Learning
I normally paddle a kayak but wanted the ability to take my dog with me occationally. She is a black lab mix about 50 pounds or so. I considered as you are a SOT, several rec kayaks with large cockpits, and tandem kayaks. Maybe because one became available in my price range I bought a used solo canoe.

My dog and I are learning to sit in the canoe and making progress. Whatever you decide on be prepared for a learning curve, (and getting wet during the learning process).

Happy Paddling,