SOT'ers Please Advise

So Academy has a Heritage Fisherman Pro 14 (Seadart) on sale for 528.86. I’m all hepped up and go look on Saturday morning. The hull looks great the deck does not. The boat is way too heavy at 63 lbs. The reviews mention good tracking and cruising speed. The boat’s too heavy for me as my current boats are 45 and 48 lbs. each. So I start reading the reviews of the Ocean Kayak Mars and it sounds like it tracks like a water snake. I’m looking for a light, quick, good tracking 13 to 15 ft. SOT to fish flatwater lakes out of this summer. Anybody paddling that boat?

Makes an SOT version of their 13’ Rec GP sink. Very light in FG or carbon…


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The Seadart is a very good boat, it paddles much faster than many other SOT boats in the 14' range, I paddle with SINK sea kayaks on long trips and keep up fine. It tracks very well and is very seaworthy, it feels a little bit squirrely when you sit in it on fltat water the first time but the built in sponsoon hull is very stable, and good in rough water. It is a bit heavy but not hard to deal with. I use a cart when I have to move it long distances. Most people who buy one won't part with them. I expect the weight listed is pretty close to the real weight. A lot of light boats weigh about ten pounds more than the propaganda so lift before you buy.

Great boat
That is a great boat in an ugly color. You won’t find a new Sea Dart within $200 of that price. It’s the fastest 14’ SOT I’ve paddled and tracks really well. This boat paddles really nicely. I haven’t heard good things about the Mars. The weight is not that big of a deal - you won’t notice when you’re paddling.

Academy is also selling OK Scupper Pros for $480. It is noticably lighter to carry than the Sea Dart and has a nice tankwell. It’s not as fast as the Sea Dart, but is still quite nimble, tracks o.k., and is very easy to paddle at slow-moderate speeds. It also handles rough lakes well. Get the thick Crazy Creek seat they sell to keep you from having to sit in the sump.

My dad’s got a Sea Dart, Scupper Pro and Prowler 13. The SD is fast, but I see it laid out more for daytripping than fishing. The SP has acceptable speed and will handle the rough going. But, the Prowler 13 is the sweet setup for fishing. Moves out well, has all kinds of storage and mounting spots and isn’t too heavy. They’re a hot boat so you won’t find many on sale, but what’s a few extra bucks over the life of the boat to get something that really fills the bill? (Spoken like someone who uses his father’s boats)

By most accounts the SeaDart

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is an good choice for fishing - especially if you need to paddle any great distance to get to the fish. Too bad the weight is too much for you - I'm assuming you actually lifted, or attempted to lift one.

Try your inquiry at there are many who post there that use a variety of SOTs as fishing platforms - the Scupper Pro TW and the Prowler are two of the most popular.

If You Find It, Let Me Know

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I have been looking for a light 15-16' SOT for a few years now.I have to drag boats back up from the beach and I really don't want anything over 55#

I love my Mars because it is light, and handles surf launches well. That gives me the option of launching from the beach, rather than finding a harbor. When I am solo I don't mind that it is slow, but it just doesn't keep up with a 16' SINK. The range is limited to about 7-8 miles. The flat hull does track like a water snake on flat water. Not a good boat for flatwater.

I have a 16' fiberglass Revenge, but it is heavy. I guess about 65# Might as well go with a less expensive plastic SOT. In Kevlar the revised specs say it is 53#, but I am skeptical.The fiberglass Revenge was advertised at only about 50# and really weighs 15# more. Seda has since revised the specs.

Another good option might be a Ocean Kayak Scupper Classic. It is 14" and specs say 49#. It is not produced any more, but there are plenty out there used. It doesn't have a tank well, and I worry about those huge hatches on the ocean.

I think the best option would be a Seadart or a Nomad in fiberglass or kevlar, but good luck finding one. I have an 18'Kevlar Shearwater for flatwater, but can not find a Seadart or Nomad in composite. I have been looking for a few years now. I have called the factory and am always searching.

Right now I am thinking I will bite the bullet and go with the Prowler at 56#. Not too bad if that is true weight, but I have been burned before.

necky spike at 12’6"x 28"
and 48 lbs almost fits your requirements. its pretty fast for its length and my friend uses hers for a fishing platform. how much do you weigh? i think the spike might be pretty wet for a large paddler.

Goin’ For The Prowler
Thanks everyone, I’m hanging with Paladin’s advice. I think the Prowler is the one for me and will pay the extra $170.00 for it. The Seadart really looked good but I picked it up in several differant ways in the store and knew it would not work for me on a lot of trips. Sometimes it’s a long drag/carry to the water where I fish. Once again I have gotten the information I need from this website. I better send them some money soon. Have a great paddling spring to all of you.