Sotille River in south Ga

Does anyone have information on paddling the upper Sotille River in South Ga. I would like to plan atrip there in October with my own boats. Need some advice on launch access and distances .

That name does not ring a bell. Must
be something small. Unless the drought conditions in GA are remedied by the time you come, you should have backup plans to run a larger river in the area.

Do you mean the Satilla?
If so then look here:

There used to be a guide, produced
in the region, for the Satilla, but I don’t know any way to find it except Google around. The river is covered pretty well in “A Canoeing & Kayaking Guide to Georgia” updated by Suzanne Welander from the old original by Sehlinger & Otey.

Check out these guys they may be able to help they are very familar with S. Ga.