Soul Pad Tents?

I’m considering a different way of tripping. Some trips will still be fast and light, but I am giving thought to a sort of “base camp” style with heavier, more luxurious equipment.

Has anyone tried a Soul-Pad bell tent? I’m thinking of wall tents, teepees, campfire tents or other big shelters that allow for more comfort and room than a typical nylon dome tent.

Also, if you have tried a soul-pad, how is it for bug protection?



wasn’t called a Soul Pad but my first …

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......tents were big ol canvas tents , in the 12' x 12' range ... heavy too compared to the lightweight materials commonly used today .

They eventually rotted out , but that was probably because of my lack of proper maintenance and lots of use .

The one I've used most recently , 3x's (belongs to the nephew , but lives with me) , is a 3 room tent (not canvas but still a Coleman) , you can stand straight up in it (in the main room) and there's plenty of room over your head still .

I could go for bigger yet if I were going to spend as much time in tents (in one place) as before , but over nighters along the way seem to be to much trouble for large tents ... I figure 3 days in one place as a minimum for a large tent makes it worthwhile .

The larger tents that have such space inside are real nice to camp in , but a little more effort to set-up , take-down etc. ... they don't pack down very small but man can they take a big blow and rain and smile through it all .

it’s not a Soul Pad
but if you can live without the hippy element, the Golite Shangri-La is pretty similar and light

Ah, the Coleman mansions…
I introduced my wife to camping with my family’s Coleman 12’ by 15’ sleep 8 canvas umbrella style tent with side lean-to from 1952. It was big enough to have a double air mattress inside, along with folding chairs and a card table so we could have cocktails inside the tent during rainy evenings. It was awesome.

The Soul Pad looks cool, but I have to say the best thing about a big tent is being able to stand up like a higher primate. This is best accomplished with vertical side walls. The Soul Pad while spacious, only has stand up room in the center. LL Bean has a couple of cheaper Eureka tents that fit the bill. One is 12’ by 13’ with a 7’3" center height. If I ever planned to camp again, I’d be all over that one, in spite of its 40 pound (!) weight. YMMV.