Source for 8' wood oars?

Posting in the fishing section because I don’t feel like wading through all the replies saying “This is a paddling site, not a rowing site” in the other forums. The fishing folk seem to not be wound quite so tight.

Anyway, I’m adding a rowing station to a Scanoe. Rather, I’m adding a second rowing station to a Scanoe. The first one didn’t work out so well. I had 6’ oars and tried them. Too short. WAAAAAYY to short. Some folks have offered up 7’ oars FREE (my favorite price), and I’m hoping those will work. If not, I’d like to have a source lined up for 8’ oars.

I want to have this boat modified, tested, and figured out by early August. At which time, and with a little luck, I will be embarrassing myself thoroughly on the New River (not the Lower Gorge!) and/or the Greenbrier River in West Virginia trying to row a Scanoe in search of smallmouth bass.

I’ll be taking my tried and true fishing rigged kayaks just in case things don’t work out so well…

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Big D, maybe it would be wrong if
what you wanted oars for was a row or sculling boat, but some folk row canoes. I can understand why you may want to do that with a scanoe. Its either that or some sort of motor. Sorry, can’t help you, but maybe you should post it on B&B, explain why you didn’t post it on the ego forums, and someone could help. B&B is more tolerant, after all, they put up with Pahs, Canoeman, and Rwven.


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Barkley Sound British Columbia, Canada

7'5" Wooden oars, Spoon Bladed...Scroll down to bottom...$100.00 for pair...

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