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My Pygmy Coho had no pad for the plastic backband when I got it. I’ve rigged up a simple piece of yellow foam that works fine (first photo) but might like a nicer padded sleeve that slides over the backband. My 2002 Seaward Luna Grande has a sleeve like that (second photo). Seaward doesn’t appear to sell that sleeve as a replacement part anymore, and I’ve searched Topkayaker and Austin Kayak and didn’t see anything similar. Does anyone know of a source for such a backband cover?




Adhesive backed neoprene foam may work. Here’s a good source in varying thickness:

In my Pygmys I would use the Redfish foam seats and a commercial backband…

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Not sure about finding a match but providing the same rigidity with a pad for $38 is the Stellar Adjustable Back Brace.

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I discovered that Seaward does offer the complete backband with pad, but for $93 CAD plus shipping just to get the pad, the suggestions above would make more sense. Thanks!

I’m not sure how wide your plastic band is, but the Point 65 North air-backrest may work as it slides over the band.™-ergo-gtx

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If it were me I would simply cut a piece out of the desired thickness of minicell sheet, shape it to fit, and glue it to the plastic with contact cement. Always there, nothing to come loose.


Here is another source. Kayak Seats & Closed Cell Foam: Improve your Kayak Comfort

Scroll down…

Thanks! CLC is a good source. That’s where I bought my Happy Bottom seat pan:


My “Happy Bottom” wore out its welcome and I converted to a Sweet Cheeks. Sweet Cheeks 200 Black - Jackson Adventures

But I’m finding that my happy bottom is just getting old and cranky. Lately I’ve been putting in carved closed cell foam seats.

I used a similar set up as grayhawk on my Coho. The Snap Dragon backband was a winner.

I put in a ww band with cam buckles in a sea kayak with a slanted bulkhead behind the seat. Anytime I leaned back the cam buckles would contact the bulkhead and release.
I’d go with just straight up straps next time around.

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The hard plastic seat band that Pygmy provided with my Murrelet kit made no sense. It stood inches above the low Greenland back deck and made it difficult to get my spray skirt on. I tried cutting the band down but it was just annoying.

I purchased a soft backhand from Chesepeake Light Craft (Kayak Backband for Kayaks: Nylon and Foam with Adjustment and Shock Cord Suspension) and have had good luck with it. I used the same attachment points in the seat braces that the plastic band used. CLC has several options for backbands.

I also carved a seat and ditched the inflatable cushion that Pygmy includes in the kit. Actually, I keep the cushion in the rear hatch and use it as a sit-upon at lunch breaks.


The hard plastic backrest fits pretty well in my Coho without extending above the deck, but the CLC backband would be nice too. I notice the CLC backband shows a couple of bungee cords in the back that are meant to help hold it up. Can the length of those bungee cords be adjusted? Thanks.

Absolutely. I have mine pulled pretty tightly so the seat back won’t flip under me during rescue re-enters. The bungees also provide an attachment point if you want to put a dry bag with a first aid kit or your lunch behind your seat.

CLC is a great company and a lifesaver while I was doing the finish work on my Pygmy. It didn’t bother them one whit that I was building a competitor’s kayak - totally generous with advice. They have a fabulous selection of tools, gear and supplies. The Bonsai draw knife was my go-to tool for cutting the hatches. I’m lucky I’m only 2 hours away!

That’s good to hear. I just bought a Happy Bottom seat from CLC for a project and they seem to be on the ball.

Just FYI, you can carve the foam on the Happy Bottom pad if needed. I used a sharp knife, hacksaw blade and a rasp. I also used contact cement to glue some stiffer foam to catch on the uprights next to the cockpit. But note that mine had air bubbles inside the “wings” - not an issue unless you happen to carve the seat in an unfortunate spot. I don’t have a good photo of the air bubbles, but I circled the best view I have.

Thanks @Wolf I’ve carved foam on WW boats and other outfitting, so I assumed it could be done on this seat. Should be here next week and I can see how it’s going to work out.

I think it would be quite easy to sew your own, making a pocket for the foam on the front.

I realized I had never updated this one. Replaced the factory seat and backband with the happy bottom seat and Wilderness System backband. It’s much improved in my opinion and I’m well pleased with the seat. Factory on left, modified on the right.