Source for bulkhead material.

Hi folk’s!Decided to add a front bulkhead on my Pungo 140.WS doesnt sell the stuff/kit for doing so.Can someone help me out with a source for the material’s.Thank’s!

Front Bulkhead Vs Front Hatch?

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Are you looking to just fill out the front with foam to rest your feet on instead of pedals? Or are you talking about installing bulkhead and hatch? Either way, you'll need foam. Cheap foam can be used to fill up the bow for a footrest. If you building a bulkhead and hatch, you need a 3" (deep) piece of foam of ?width X ?length. Pungo is a pretty wide/deep boat so you'll need a larger piece of the stuff. Try:

If you need a hatch kit, this may (or may not) work from walden kayaks:


The P-140 comes with bow and stern hatch’s and a rear bulkhead std.God knows why,but for some reason they dont put a bulkhead up front along with the hatch.Im looking for the same material(closed cell foam)as the rear bulkhead.Thanks for the link.I’ll check it out.

I just got some closed cell foam 3"+14"+ 21" and you can find Lexel at your local home center.

rec boats
the amount of open cockpit space is very large in a rec. kayak so the utility of bulkheads for self rescues isn’t as significant as in skinny/long sea kayaks. Not to dissuade you from doing it,it’s just not in the nature of the beast to require it.

Thank’s all!
Lee,i hear ya on the Rec yak’s CP opening size.Still,a bulkhead would greatly reduce the amount of water id otherwise have to pump out.

Must disagree.
The amount of floatation foam in the bow of this model in particular is enough to simply keep an empty boat at the surface. Self rescue would mean a swim to shore with hundreds of pounds of water in tow. The Pungo140 needs serious supplimental floatation. There’s no good way to anchor a float bag, cost is comparable with making a bulkhead, and with a hatch already installed from the factory a bulkhead makes more dry storage. Frankly, I’m with Bernie. Why they did not install one from the factory eludes me. Maybe it’s the extra cost/selling price. Maybe it’s that an angler can stow multiple fishing rods below deck this way. I don’t know. All I know is that I’m going to do the same to mine.


Have a P-100

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couldn't understand why they wouldn't put a bulkhead in it so I installed my on. The 100 is my wifes, I have a 120, we like to camp so the extra dry storage comes in handy. This is where I got the mini cell foam. I used the 2" thick foam, it worked great.
Here is a link to some pictures of the completed bulkhead.

Good Job, Man!!!
The only thing I would say is that 3" would provide a stiffer bulkhead. Combined with the taper of the hull, you can really jam the sucker in and keep in place.

I recently had to reglue my foam bulkhead on the plastic Mystic. The bulkhead is 3" foam. I shoved it probably a good inch further in then where it was originally. The sucker ain’t moving.


On the
Pungo, the area for the rear bulkhead at the top, doesn’t allow much room between the cockpit opening and the hatch opening. There is an indention that the top of the foam has to fit into. That’s why I used the 2" foam and is probably why WS uses 2", seems to be plenty stiff.

Making the template was no easy task, if you know anyone that wants to add a bulkhead to there P-100 I have extra templates.

specifically where do you disagree?
I’m not saying it’s not worthwhile,I’ve seen enough chunks of expandable foam drift out of the ends of the Pungos to see they’re an afterthought. I’m saying that these boats are so stable that if you actually dump it the conditions are so heinous that self-rescue is probably not likely given the large openings. I like the designs and use for the pungo/pamlico/RobRoy style boats. If I were looking at worst case usage then definately fill up the ends,and practice a rescue or two.