Source for Canadian topos

There are quite a few dealers for Canadian topos - I need a few, and was wondering who has had good service from a particular dealer?


topo maps

official distribution network

Mission accomplished!
Thanks all.


One reason for lots of dealers is that
the Canadian site Toporama supplies rather strange topos that do not download and print as easily as what we get off Terraserver and similar sites in the US. I enjoy cruising on Toporama, but I can’t seem to get topos I can use in the field.

Digital vs Raster
The Toporama digital maps are basically digital tracings made from actual topos. Probably by some digital “artist” in Bangalore or Seoul.

The Terraserver maps are Rasster scans - accurate representations of the actual topos.


rising prices
Look for the price of Canadian topos to rise. The Canadian government recently said it will no longer produce hard copy maps and that will be taken over by the individual map sellers.

that has changed
the Canadian government, after much crying, wailing, and pressure, has backed off on that decision.

they will still produce hard copy maps, so prices should remain as is.


saw them at MEC
there’s also etopo. I loaded them all on my computer and copy the area I want into Photoshop for printing.